I'm not a professional decorator, but I am a very aesthetic person and I enjoy putting my nest together!
Baby's Bird Nursery

Tour of My Downtown Apartment
Kitchen and Bathrooms 
Living and Dining Areas

Bathroom Inspirations 1

 Bedroom Inspirations 1
Kids' Room Inspirations

Dining Room
Dining Room Inspirations 1 

Arrange furniture to Your Lifestyle
Unique Knob Ideas

Home Accents
Birdcage Decoration
DIY Accent Pillows
DIY Accent Pillows 
DIY Framed Corkboard
DIY Vintage Button Cloc
Fabric Pom Pom Flower Garland
Fake Framed Chalkboard out of Foam Board
Flower Arrangements
Jewelry Holder
Mini Gallery "Wall" On My Fridge
Refridgerator Magnets Out of Souvenir Pins
Tiered Dessert Tray (DIY) 

Living Room/Den
Space Inspirations 1

DIY Nursery from the B-Line

Office/Craft Room
Creative Organizing Ideas 1 

Super Easy Washi Tape Magnets
Tips for Decorating Small Spaces
Tips for Decorating Small Spaces 2 

For Seasonal Decor, CLICK HERE

Closet 1 
Computer Desk
Craft Embellishments
Creative Organizing-New Uses for Old Thing
20 Creative Organization Ideas
Creative Organizing Ideas-Office/Craft Room 1
DIY Fruit and Veggie Wash (And why It's a Great Idea!)
Greeting Card Organizer
Grocery Checklist Printable
Junk Drawer 
Magnetic Chore Chart
Photo/Note Holders
Scrapbook Embellishments 
Still Tasty-Website to determine food shelf-life
Tupperware Cabinet
Washi Tape Magnets

Gift Presentation
7 Inexpensive Ideas for Christmas
 8 Inexpensive Vintage Themes Ideas for Gift Wrap
Paper Bags and Scrapbook Embellishments 


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