Delight In the Lord

Links to my spiritual reflection posts and ministry tips:

God Wants ALL the Nations 
(God's love for the nations, missions, God's sovereignty, God's mercy, different cultures)

 Ideas For Pointing Toddlers/Preschoolers to Christ 
 Jesus Storybook Bible Magnetic Advent Calendar

Personal Growth
Fighting For Joy 
(joy in the Lord)
 The Gospel is Not Just for Others  
(Preaching the gospel to self, preaching the gospel to the Enemy, spiritual warfare, joy in the Lord) 
One Little Sin
(sin, redemption, brokenness, awareness of sin)
Questioning God and His Motives
(questioning, suffering, God's grace, God's mercy)

Jesus' Temptation
Prove Your Worth By Doing Something Part 1
(the gospel, performance in ministry, performance as a Christian, Jesus' temptation, unconditional grace)
Your Worth is Not Defined By Others Part 2
(the gospel, performance, pleasing people,Jesus' temptation)
 Do You Have It All Under Control? Part 3

 (control, building kingdoms, idolatry, performance)

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