About Me

My name is April and I am a woman in process who delights in beauty, creativity, joy, and depth-even in the dark places. I believe delighting in the little things, in the mundane, in the dreary helps my heart cultivate joy in the Lord.

I am a questioner, a doubter, and a skeptic, but also a recovering Good Girl.  A personality test once described me as a secret non-conformist who likes to buck the system in my soul, without showing outward rebellion. That's quite accurate.

My faith is often dangling by a thread and by the immeasurable grace of God, I walk with Him and in His ever-faithful arms. I long to glorify Christ, above all, while being real and honest.

I am also a wife, Mama, missionary, college minister, adventure-seeker, and Broadway fangirl.

Love of my life, my husband, Jeff and our little cupcake:

our newest addition!


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