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Preschool Bug Unit Activities

The theme for our first week of homeschool Preschool this year was BUGS! Here is what we did for the whole unit, including non-bug activities. To see the overview of this year's curriculum, click here.
Scroll to the bottom of this post for a list and links of free printables we used for this unit.

Each school day, we open with prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance and do our calendar board. Right now, Cupcake is learning the days of the week to the tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star." We sing:

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday too.
Wednesday, Thursday just for you.
Friday, Saturday that's the end,
now let's say those days again,
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday.

After the calendar board, we do a name recognition activity, which I will post more about later.

 Phonics (a,s,m)
We begin each phonics lesson singing the ABCs with her Under the Sea poster I got at the Dollar Tree. Then, we practice sounding out and tracing each letter for that week with Montessori sandpaper letters. Cupcake loves little objects, so we have an alphabet box and she sorts each object on the proper letter.

This year, we started doing Do-a-dot sheets for pre-writing practice. This was her first one, so she was just getting used to it. I usually help her do the letter so she knows the order to write it. These adorable alphabet do-a-dot sheets are free from The Measured Mom.

Phonics Bug Spray
I drew bugs on the sidewalk with chalk and wrote the three letters of the week in them. I would sound out a letter and Cupcake would spray the bug with that sound with a bottle full of water. She thought it was great for about two minutes-then it turned into spray everything! She sprayed the grass, all the plants, me...hahaha. I just let her go with it because preschool is all about learning through play! It was also a great fine motor practice.

Phonics Bug Smack
I cut out each bug and laid them out on the ground. I made a letter sound and Cupcake smacked the corresponding letter with an ( unused) fly swatter. She LOVED this activity.

Counting and Color
For counting this week, we played the Catch a Bug Game from Picklebums. Cupcake rolled a die with numbers on it and then counted that many bugs and put them in her jar.

We used the same game to practice colors. I made a die with the colored dots provided in the printable. Cupcake rolled it and would place that color in her jar. You can mix both activities and throw a number and color dice.

We did a bee and flower shape matching activity from the Insect printable pack from Gift of Curiosity. Cupcake liked flying the bee to the flower, making buzzing sounds. :-)

We used the ladybug sizing printable from Confessions of a Homeschooler.

Gross Motor
   I simply took Cupcake to the playground to climb for gross motor practice. We also did a bug action game which I did not take a photo of. The action cards were from Oopsy Daisy and contained actions like "crawl like a ladybug" and "wiggle like a worm."

Story Time
  We read the following bug books for story time:
Bugs Galore by Peter Stein
The Very Busy Spider, The Very Lonely Firefly and The Grouchy Ladybug by Eric Carle
Little Cricket's Song by Joanna Barkan

Bear and Bee by Sergio Ruzzier 

Art and Music
Honestly, we didn't get to our art project this week. :-( But, we did sing bug songs and do bug rhymes-you can get my free printable for these int he list below.

  We went on a field trip to a hiking path near our house to look for bugs! This was definitely her favorite activity of the week. I bought Cupcake a bug net and container from the Dollar Tree. She didn't really use it, but she liked holding them and running down the path yelling, "I'm an explorer!" We DID stop to look at different bugs, though.

This week, we covered Creation days 1-3, using the ABC Jesus Loves Me curriculum as our guide. We read the story of creation from The Jesus Storybook Bible and used the review questions and memory verse song from the curriculum. I like to print out the verses for Cupcake, even though she cannot read yet, to start her on word recognition.

Along with Genesis 1:1, we sang "God Made Them All" from the Big Stories for Little Ones album by Rain For Roots. (My FAVORITE children's album!) and "This Is the Day That the Lord Has Made."

Every other day, I did not read the story to her, but re-told it using our DIY felt board. To make creation felt pieces, I used a free printable from Keeping Life Creative. She offers a few Bible stories for free, so you can test if your kids like the felt board, but she has a whole Old Testament pack in her store that I recommend. 

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