Tuesday, August 4, 2015

"Little Pea" Book Preschool Activities (Free Printable)

Cupcake loves the book "Little Pea" by Amy Krouse Rosenthal, an adorable story about a little pea who doesn't want to eat his candy for dinner. So, I used this as one of our book studies for preschool last year. Cupcake was about two and a half when we did these activities.

Pea Pick the Sound Phonics (Free Printable)
We were reviewing the sounds for letters a,s,m,e,t, and c. I would make the letter sound and Cupcake placed a frozen pea on the letter it corresponded with. 

As you can see, it started out well...but Cupcake, being two and a half, decided to turn it into a sensory activity of frozen peas galore!

Because she is so young, I let her go with it. Toddlers learn best through play!

You can download my Pick the Sound Sheet Here!

Pea Counting
I had Cupcake count frozen peas for our counting practice. She loves the counting bears, though, so she wanted to include them. I asked her, "How many bears came to the pea party?" and we counted them as well as the peas.

 I use the party thing a lot...she probably thinks bears just party all day.

For snack, we ate sugar snap peas and snap pea chips (found at Target) with hummus. They were a hit!

Candy Color Sorting
Cupcake sorted colorful hard candy into a muffin pan. I bought the hard candy from The Dollar Tree. 

Pea Launching
In the book, Little Pea loves when Papa Pea comes home from work and launches him into the air off a spoon. So, we HAD to do this ourselves. I guess it would count as fine motor skill practice? Or Science? 

Pea Sensory
I let Cupcake play with the frozen peas for awhile as a sensory activity. She felt them in her hands, stirred them with a spoon, dumped them on the floor, scooped them out with the spoon, etc.

Play-doh Peas
Cupcake formed her own little pea, Mama Pea, and Papa Pea with green Play-doh,

Candy Necklace
We made candy necklaces,for fine motor skills and art, using Fruit Loops and Peach Rings.

Cupcake's didn't last long!

I highly recommend this book-it's one of my personal favorite picture books. We had a blast with this book unit!
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