Monday, July 20, 2015

Super Easy Frozen Treats

Please forgive the poor quality photos today, which were taken on my phone in bad lighting. I literally put these treats together in two minutes and snapped photos. Why? Because I am too busy/tired to make intricate frozen treats I pinned from Pinterest and I figured some of you may be to. So, here are my hacks to three simple frozen treats.

My three year old LOVES Greek yogurt, which makes me happy because it's supposedly healthier than the normal kid yogurt. Did you know Chobani now makes tubes for kids?! I was so excited when I recently found these at the grocery store. 

I've been wanting to try to make yogurt bites for Cupcake, so when I found the tubes, I thought, "Aha! Now I can make this easy snack even easier!!" No filling zipper bags with cups of yogurt- now, all you have to do is snip the top off the tube and squeeze little dots onto a cookie sheet covered in wax paper and freeze.

In a few hours, you have yummy little frozen yogurt bites you can just pop off the wax paper and serve or store in a bag.

Cupcake loves them and they are super easy for toddlers to eat.

OR you can just stick the yogurt tubes in the freezer and in a few hours, you have frozen yogurt pops! They are easy and fairly mess free for toddlers and kids-not to mention healthier than the ice pops made from sugar water (not gonna lie, though; I still love those myself!).

The third lazy way I made an easy frozen treat: I bought some pudding cups and simply stuck popsicle sticks into them, leaving the covering on.

In a few hours, we had some frozen pudding pops! All you do is peel the covering off over the stick and you may have to run a little water over the plastic cup to get the pop out.

 They are all yummy. I enjoy them along with my toddler.

*I was not asked to promote any products. These are just brands I personally like and use.

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