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Preschool Year 2 Curriculum (Age 3-4)

I started Pre-school at home last year when Cupcake was two and a half. It's a little early, but she was ready and eager to learn. We were super laid back and my main goal was play, play, play! Toddlers learn best through play and exploring their world. Last year, we did a Letter a Week theme with lowercase letters. You can find the overview in this post. I was not good about blogging about what we did for each letter. :-) I'll try to be better this year!

For year two, I've decided to do three letters a week and each week has a theme. I've also added a calendar time to introduce her to the calendar and some other skills. When we get through all the lowercase letters again, I will start introducing capital letters too.

I actually started early with her because Baby Boy is due in September and we will take a month or two off, so if you're scratching your head wondering why Christmas is in week 12-that is why! Here are the themes we are doing (I will post about them in detail as we do them).

1-Bugs (letters a,s,m)
2-Birds (letters e,t,c)
3-Summer (letters o,p,u)
4-Pond Life (letters d,f,j)
5-Cloudette by Tom Lichtenheld (review letters)
6-Ocean (letters g,l,b)
7-Pets (letters i,n,w)
8-Kitten's First Full Moon by Kevin Henkes (review letters)
9-Farm (letters r,h,y)
10-Dinosaurs (letters q,z)
11-Favorite TV Shows (Review letters)
12-Christmas (letters k,v,x)
13-If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Numeroff (Review Letters)
14-Polar Animals (Letters Aa, Ss)
15-Transportation (Letters Mm, Ee)
16-Winter (Letters Tt, Cc)
17-The Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson (review Letters)
18-Seasons/Old Bear by Kevin Henkes (Letters Oo, Pp)
19- Chinese New year (Letters Uu, Dd)
20- Valentine's (Letters Ff, Jj)
21- The Mitten by Jan Brett (Review letters)
22- Community Helpers (Letters Gg, Ll)
23-The Beach (Letters Bb, Ii) (The beach is this week because we will probably be at the beach for our ministry)
24- Spring/St. Patrick's Day (Letters Nn, Ww)
25- Easter (Review Letters)
26- Where is the Green Sheep? by Mem Fox (Review letters)
27- The Forest (Letters Rr, Hh)
28-Zoo Animals (Review letters)
29-Pigeon Books by Mo Willems (Review letters)
30-Arbor Day/Apples (Letters Yy, Qq)
31- Garden (Letters Zz, Vv)
32-Dragons Love Tacos by Adam Rubin (Review Letters)
33-The World (Review Letters)
34-Space (Letters Vv,Xx)
35-Make Believe (Review Letters)
36-The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle (Review Letters)

This year, we are doing school four days a week for an hour and a half each day. We start the day with Calendar time. I made a magnetic calendar board to make it interactive and fun for Cupcake.

The subjects we're covering are:
  • Phonics: We use Montessori sandpaper letters, an alphabet box, and phonics games. This year I've added do-a-dot marker sheets for pre-writing practice and plan to introduce a salt tray for tracing. I've also added a daily name recognition activity.
  • Bible: We are using the Year 3 Curriculum from ABC Jesus Loves Me as the main guide. I use The Jesus Storybook Bible, a felt board, and scripture verses put to song for memory.
  • Cognitive Skills: This includes sorting colors, shapes, and objects, sizing, counting, and number recognition. This year I've also added pattern recognition and making, directional words, shape making, shape finding, and color shade sorting (because she has her colors down and is bored sorting them).
  • Gross Motor: I wanted to make time for this to make sure Cupcake is getting outdoors and also because she was born with low muscle tone. Although she's caught up now through physical therapy, she needs extra exercise to strengthen her muscles. 
  •  Fine Motor: We're working on skills such as cutting, tracing lines,lacing cards and beads, picking things up with tongues, etc.
  • Art: We do art that allows Cupcake to be free and creative or work on fine motor skills.
  • Social/Emotional: This involves recognizing emotions, playing pretend, and social skills such as taking turns and sharing.
  • Music: Music and rhymes-sometimes we use instruments!
  • Story Time: Pretty Self Explanatory
  •  Sensory: I try to include a sensory activity each week either at home or going on a "field trip."
Depending on Cupcake's mood, we sometimes spend 10 minutes on a subject and sometimes a half an hour. I try not to force her because I don't want her to grow to hate school when she actually HAS to do it. I plan for about 20 minutes per subject, though.

Also, if she gravitates toward another playful activity, I just let her go with it because toddlers learn through playing. For example, one time I drew letters with sidewalk chalk and had her spray them when I made the sound, It lasted about two minutes...she wanted to spray all the plants and grass instead, so I just let her go!

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  1. I homeschooled for a few years, from 5th to 7th grades. Loved it! I wished we would have done it from the beginning though. So much fun!!


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