Sunday, June 14, 2015

Super Easy DIY Felt Board

Have you ever wanted to try a felt board for your child-and then looked at the price and gasped? That's exactly what I did. Why would I pay over $100 for something I'm not even sure my pre-schooler will enjoy?!

So, I scoured Pinterest for tutorials on how to make my own. There are a lot of great tutorials out there, but none that seemed to fit me. Most were made from bulletin boards or MDF board that was too large to fit my small storage needs. 

Plus, I just wanted to make this project super easy, so I figured a way to do it. No cutting or stapling required (for the board at least).  All you need is a piece of foam board (I bought one at The Dollar Tree), a 12"x18" piece of stiff felt, found at most craft stores, and permanent double-stick tape. This was the perfect size for me, but if you want a bigger board, you can do the same thing by buying felt by the yard and cutting it to size.

Stiff felt is the key-it allowed me to know have to staple anything because it holds up on the foam board with simple adhesive. We all know glue and felt don't mix well, so I adhered it with lots of permanent double-stick tape.

And yes, it has held up well! So simple and cost me about $2.

Now for the story pieces- did you know that there is a myriad of free printables and patterns to make felt board pieces? Just type "free felt board printables" into the Pinterest search box and enjoy! 

I specifically wanted the felt board for Bible Stories. The first two lessons in our preschool curriculum are on creation and I found adorable felt board printables from Keeping Life Creative.
For the story pieces, all you do is print the printables onto iron-on transfers, then iron them onto white or beige felt and cute them out. That's all!

Make sure that if you are making something with numbers or letters that you print a mirror image. It should look backwards on the transfer, so that when you iron it on, it faces forwards. Different printers handle this differently, so you may need to google how to do it on yours if you don't know how.

They work perfectly and doing it myself saved a TON of money. Plus, it let me try out the felt board to see if Cupcake was even interested in it. So far, she likes it.

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