Saturday, June 27, 2015

Do You Have It All Under Control?

This is the 3rd and final post of a three-part series. You may read the first two parts here:
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"Again, the devil took him to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory. And he said to him, 'All these I will give you, if you will fall down and worship me.
'Then Jesus said to him, “Be gone, Satan! For it is written, 'You shall worship the Lord your God and Him only shall you serve.’
Then the devil left him, and behold, angels came and were ministering to him."
Matthew 4:8-11

Here, we see Jesus facing His third temptation-to prove His worth by being in control. The Father already had a plan to save humanity and glorify His Son. He already had a plan to give Jesus authority over His children and rule over the Kingdom of Heaven. But, it would take indescribably and immense sacrifice and pain by Jesus, the Son. Jesus would have to trust the Father.

Enter Satan. "Let's take a shortcut," he tempts Jesus. "Worship me and I will give you all the kingdoms of the world and the glory! You won't have to endure pain. You won't have to die. You will be in complete control. Then You will prove Your worth to me."

I am both amused and disgusted by Satan's audacity here. He tries to trick the God of the universe to worship him, as if He'd fall for it. He will try anything, won't he? He also promises Jesus something that is not his to give. He doesn't control the kingdoms of the world and their glory-God does! (Romans 13:1). Satan makes false promises-ones he cannot and does not intend to keep.

He does the same with us ALL THE TIME. How many times have we thought, "If I just have control over this and if it's going well under my control, then I am worthy." We believe Satan's lies that we have control and we begin to slowly build our own kingdoms, instead of building God's. We build our own little kingdoms and attempt to control them to make ourselves feel valuable. This can play out in ministry (I need to make this ministry successful so I look good!) and in life in general (I need to have everything in line-material wealth, health, relationships etc so I look good!).

For me personally, this still applies to my idol of seeking others' approval. I build a kingdom on the foundation of being loved and accepted by others and I attempt to control it by doing: serving, entertaining, bending over backwards, letting people suck the life out of me. And when I can't win someone over or someone gets upset, my kingdom comes crashing down and I am despaired. I feel worthless.

Let's look at Jesus answer: "You shall worship the Lord your God and Him only shall you serve."
When we build our own kingdoms, we are practicing self-worship. We are not worshiping God. The reason we feel worthless when our kingdoms crash down is because we were seeking our own glorification. We are despaired because we realize we are not glorious. But the GOOD news is that God is glorious and He wants us to experience His glory, which WILL bring us ultimate joy, hope and worthiness.

We get angry when our kingdoms come crashing down because we believed a lie. The enemy promised us that if we worked hard, we would see results, but the results were not his to give.

Why would we want to be in control anyway? As flawed humans, we can destroy ourselves in a second. The God who is perfect and good is completely in control. We build our own kingdoms because we don't trust God is good and perfect. When we build our own kingdoms, we're saying to God, "I can do this better than you can." How arrogant! The only reason we can even maintain our ridiculous kingdoms for a little while is because God is gracious and tears them down slowly. Peace comes when we realize we are not in control and we leave the results to the One Who Is.

Will you relinquish your illusion of control today and trust in the One who is good, perfect, and sovereign?

Battling the Lies With You,

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  1. How easy is it to do things in our own strength! At least it seems easy for a while, until we realise that is a lie, Thanks for this post, really thought provoking. By the way, I'm really loving your blogs design, the daisies are really cute!

    1. Thanks! So very true. My background comes from


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