Sunday, June 21, 2015

DIY Magnetic Paper Dolls and Links to TONS of Free Paperdoll Printables

This is a super easy DIY gift project for any little one who loves dress up dolls/paper dolls! My three year old loves her Melissa and Doug magnetic dress up dolls, but they are too bulky and heavy to travel. So, I made her some lighter ones for road trips and taking places. 

All you need is:
A cookie Sheet ($1 at the Dollar Tree)
Magnet Paper (found at craft stores, office stores, and Walmart)
Free Paper Doll Printable (See list below!)

For this project, I used these cute free princess doll printables from Itsy Bitsy Fun. All you do is download the printable, print it onto the magnet paper, and cut them out. So easy. Because these are magnetic, you can cut the tabs off.

They are perfect for road trips!

The best part is that, with the beauty of the internet, there is a myriad of FREE paper doll choices, so your little one will never get bored. 

Here is a list of amazing free paper doll printables I found.

Anna and Elsa,, Kristoff and Hans 
Aurora and Phillip 
The Disney Blog offers free printable Disney paper dolls. So far, they have Ariel, Anna, and Charlotte.
Frozen Inspired Paper Dolls (Anna, Elsa, and Olaf)

*Most of the Disney ones were created by this talented artist, Cory Jensen 

Babalisme has a series of adorable holiday paper dolls:

Paper Dolls Kids Can Color
Design Your Own Paper Dolls and Design Your Own Pet from Kids Activity Blog 
 Large Collection of Color In Paper Dolls-includes around the world dolls
Snugglebug University has an adorable collection of color-in paper dolls:

Random Ones I LOVE
Les Miserables Paper Dolls- Cosette1, 2 and 3 , Enjolras, Eponine, Fantine, Grantaire, Javert, Jean Valjean 1 and 2, Marius, Mme Thenardier 1 and 2, Thenardier

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