Saturday, March 14, 2015

Bubble Guppies Party

Cupcake turned three years old last month! I can't believe how the time has flown. We had a small, family party. Even though our parties are small, I like to make them inexpensively magical for her. One of Cupcake's favorite TV shows is Bubble Guppies on Nick/Nick Jr., so we had a Bubble Guppies themed party.

Because it was just the grandparents and an uncle coming, I didn't send out invites, but I did find a cute, free e-vite if you're looking for one. I thought about it, but decided it was pointless. haha

For the background, I wanted to make an ocean-looking wall, so here is what I did:

I got the idea for the blue background from Rain on a Tin Roof, where you can find a tutorial. It's super cheap and easy-all you need is three plastic table covers, which cost me $1 each.

I printed the banner from the Nick Jr. Website (it's free!) on card stock and hung each bubble from fishing line, which I taped to the ceiling with clear tape. I also hung the Bubble Guppies characters, which I bought and were already attached to fishing line. You can find them at Walmart, Target, and Party City.

Cupcake squealed with delight when she saw the whole thing, but she was especially excited about this jellyfish!

I mostly followed the tutorial from Party City, but I only used plastic table cover, crepe, and curling ribbon and not the other things it suggested (to save money). I had a hard time ruffling the table cover for the jellyfish skirt-maybe it was because I was using a cheap dollar store table cover? Anyway, I had some ruffly lace on-hand so I used that instead.

The table cover worked well for the tentacles, though.
Cupcake loved it so much, it is now hanging in her room for her to enjoy all the time.

I got the idea for the lantern fish from Catch My Party. They are super easy to make and I was able to find a pack of 5 pastel lanterns of various sizes at Party City. I only used two, but I have the rest for later!

I also put a few decorations on the table. Here's the whole table, with some of the food.

I made a tissue pom pom as coral.

The fishing net was under $5 at Party City and I bought a bag of seashells at The Dollar Tree for $1.

I put the napkins and plastic ware in a chest that normally holds my jewelry. I think I got it at Hobby Lobby. The pearls are Cupcake's :-) You can find Bubble Guppies plates, napkins, and cups at Walmart, Target, and Party City.

We served lunch to our family, so I just made some simple things.

A fishbowl!

The bowl was $1 at the Dollar Tree.

We  made the chicken salad sandwiches look like crabs! We also served deli sandwiches.

To go with the Bubble Guppies theme, we had pasta salad made with pasta shells (served in a bucket) and cocktail shrimp. We also served chips and fruit skewers.

As usual, I made cupcakes (well, my mom made them). I kept it real simple.

The Molly, Gil, and Bubble Puppy candles came from Party City. The rest of the figurines came from the Bubble Guppies busy book, which I got at Michael's for 40 percent off (so about $5).

Needless to say, Cupcake had the time of her life and that's what matters to me!

Delightful Partying!

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