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One Little Sin {Delighting in the Lord}

I mentioned before the new year that I was going to start including some spiritual reflections on this blog and maybe even some ministry tips, for those who are interested. God is the most important thing in my life and I love reflecting, asking questions, and writing genuine struggles and thoughts when it comes to walking with God. I sorely neglected my spiritual reflections blog, so I decided to just mesh it with this one. So, here goes my first spiritual post!

I wrote this reflection nearly six years ago, when I was studying the Life of Moses in Bible Study Fellowship. I ended up having to drop out, due to personal reasons, but now I am back in, again studying the Life of Moses, so it's fun to look back at my reflections.

Reflection On Numbers 20:1-13

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After all Moses suffered and endured, it seems so harsh that Yahweh would take away his privilege of
entering the Promised Land because of one failure!

From our finite human perspective, this punishment is appalling and unfair! We are quick to question why God would take away Moses' life goal because of one little failure! But, it wasn't little to God-His holiness was at stake.

I imagine Moses possibly wept and pleaded with God, "But what about all the times I was faithful to You?! What about all the good I've done?!" Or perhaps he tried to pass the blame on his obstinate congregation for driving him to his lack of faith. Or maybe he was humbler than I and stayed quiet.

It seems so unfair to us, but God is just, which means so was Moses' punishment. He had to make an example of Moses, because Moses was the leader and his lack of faith and reverence of God's commands could lead the whole congregation to lack faith and disobey God (and we know they didn't need any help with that!) He holds leaders to a higher standard.

But, I think God was sending an even bigger message to Israel. Despite all the good Moses did, ONE sin, ONE failure on his part disqualified him from entering the Promised Land. One sin soiled and destroyed all the good he ever did. The revelation of this truth must have devastated the Israelites. If Moses, the humblest man who ever lived (up to that point), failed to be worthy of entering the Promised Land, who then could be worthy?! They must have been desperate for something, someone bigger than themselves to redeem them. God was preparing their hearts for the coming Messiah.

By God's grace, their children entered the Promised Land and because God is gracious and merciful, He let Moses see the land before he died, so he could know his life's work was not in vain (see Deuteronomy 34)

Even just ONE sin disqualifies us from being in a relationship with God and experiencing eternal life, despite any good we may do. ONE sin makes us detestable like filthy rags (which, by the way, in Hebrew actually refers to a dirty menstrual rag-there's a picture for ya of how God regards sin) Wretched man that I am! WHO will deliver me from this body of death? Thanks be to God through Jesus Christ our Lord! (Romans 7:24-25)

For Your Own Reflection:
1.   What sins have I deemed "acceptable" in my own life-that I simply shrug off and say, "it's no big deal?"

2. What excuses do I tend to use for these sins? How does God view these sins?

3. How do these sins in my life drive me to Jesus? How is He the solution? (Suggestion: Read and Reflect on Ephesians 2:1-10)

Delightfully His,

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  1. I am incredibly grateful for the grace that God extended through Jesus and for the Holy Spirit who drives me through to conviction and repentance.


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