Sunday, December 7, 2014

Some Small Changes to the Blog

(If you just want to know what is changing and could care less why-skip to the bottom!)
Hello friends! First, I just want to let you know that I appreciate you reading my blog-whether you are a regular reader, casual reader, or just a one-time visitor-I appreciate you!

I've mentioned here before that I do this completely for fun-writing is a hobby of mine, so it is fun for me to share my other hobbies through writing. So, the fact that other people like to read along makes it extra fun. It has also taken the pressure off when I feel the temptation to perform up to the blog two world's standards.

When I started blogging, I started two separate blogs-Cup of Delight, which I describe as my fun, crafty blog, and Reflections of a Sojourner, which I describe as my spiritual reflections blog. I kept them separate for many reasons- mostly because I am obsessed with themes, but also because Cup of Delight started out as a personal detox from all things serious and heavy in my life. Reflections of a Sojourner was where I got serious and maybe even a little weepy. It made sense for me to keep them separate.

My perspective on this has changed. I have woefully neglected my Reflections blog and I miss it. So, I've been thinking and praying about ways to get back into reflection blogging AND about how I can use blogging to compliment my ministry. Bloggers write about  what they know-I craft. I create. I like to dress up. I'm a mom. But, I've also worked in college ministry for 11 years. I've walked with the Lord for over twenty. 

So, the thought occurred to me-why not? Why not just merge the two blogs? Life changes, so surely blogs can! The beauty of the blog world is that most people follow my blog through readers, so if you don't like the new topics, you can just skip them :-) The old ones will remain too.

So, what will this change look like:
  • I am keeping Cup of Delight open and moving my spiritual reflections to this blog. If you already follow Cup of Delight, you don't have to change anything. If you just follow Reflections of a Sojourner and want to keep reading, you will need to follow Cup of Delight.
  • I will not simply move my spiritual blog posts, but will edit and re-post them as new-along with new material too. Basically, I am just adding spiritual reflections as a new category to Cup of Delight.
  • I will still post craft posts weekly! I will also still post on other topics I usually blog about, thought the less read ones will probably be posted about less (and actually I've already done that anyway).
  •   My loose plan (I am an ENFP who needs LOOSE plans :-)) is to write a craft post and a spiritual reflections post weekly, along with a couple of other topics I normally cover: fashion, home, parties, books, travel.
  • Reflections about God: I usually stay away from controversial topics and just try to encourage people to walk with the Lord. I hate controversy and politics and if that makes me a wimp, oh well-Jesus still love me. :-)
  • These changes will begin January 1!
Thanks again for reading!

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