Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pre-School Letter "e" Activities

Here are the letter "e" activities I did with Cupcake (2 1/2). I am a few weeks behind posting what we are actually doing. I remember this week was a struggle, so there are less activities.

Sandpaper Letter
We traced and practiced the short "e" sound. This turned into her grabbing the letter and running around the island shouting "eh." Whatever works.

Letter "e" Play Area
(elephants, egg, eggplant, e block)

   Alphabet Box
(egg, envelope, elephant)

 It was not easy finding "e" objects for the alphabet box!

Letter Collage
  She likes the stickers more than coloring!  Printable from Confessions of a Homeschooler.

Not an e activity
I tried getting Claire to count bears on counting mats shaped like elephants, but she would have none of it. So, instead, I flipped the bucket over and sang, "The Bear Went Over the Mountain," counting up and had the bears climb the mountain. She loved it. So, I discovered songs were the key to get her to count.

Egg Counting   
She did stay engaged for a little bit to count "eggs" in nests. I used floral stones as the eggs. The nests are free printables from The Measured Mom.

Color Sorting
Cupcake sorted colored pompoms onto the elephant color sorting mat from Confession of a Homeschooler.

I gathered different sized envelopes and had her lay them out from small to large. She really liked the envelopes and carried around a business sized one for about a week.hahaha
Art and Music
Cupcake colored and Decorated envelopes with stickers. My intent was to then mail Grandparents Day cards in them, but I dropped the ball.

We didn't get to it.
Snack & Storytime
The books we read:
An elephant roars above the Savannah, rescuing animal friends. This is a rhyming book and Cupcake requested it many times while we had it checked out.

Everyone loves Edwina-everyone except Reginald von Hoobie Doobie. No one believes him that dinosaurs are extinct, so he sets out to prove to Edwina that she no longer exists. We are huge Mo Willem fans and this was no exception. Cupcake loves this book. It's an adorable and amusing tale about agreeing to disagree.

Annabelle finds a box of what looks to be ordinary yarn, but as she starts knitting sweaters for the whole town, she discovers magic. This is a sweetly told (and beautifully illustrated) tale of greed and generosity.

Elephant Snacks
 I got this cute idea from The Real Thing With the Coake Family, except I used apples instead of biscuits.

Bible Time
We went through "God is Everywhere" in Because God is Awesome by Brad and Kathy Bright which goes through attributes of God. We also read the story of Daniel in The Jesus Storybook Bible. We listened to and sang the "e" scripture song from Songs for Saplings: ABC.

Delightfully Homeschooling,
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