Wednesday, September 24, 2014

"If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" Pre-School Activities

For our first book unit, we did activities surrounding If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Joffe Numeroff and Felicia Bond.

We began by reading the book each school day.

 Phonics Cookie Flip
We reviewed previously learned letters and sounds before beginning the activity. For this activities, I punched out circles for the cookies and wrote the letters on the back (I used the other side for our color sorting activity). I placed the "cookies" on a cookie sheet with the letters facing down. I placed the sandpaper letters on plates. 

Cupcake flipped each cookie over and looked at the letter. I had her say the sound and then place it on the correct plate.

Alphabet Box Sort
 I put all the "a" "s" and "m" items in a basket and had Cupcake pull them out and sort them on the correct letter. We aid the sound each time.

Story Activity
Because this book is a great sequencing book, we did an interactive sequencing activity. I put each object mentioned in the story in a bag (cookie, cup (for milk), straw, napkin, mirror, nail scissors, broom (obviously not in the bag :-)), blanket and pillow, paper and crayons, pen, scotch tape). 

I let Cupcake wear mouse ears, which, by the way, were mine as a child! She wasn't too keen on wearing the tail, so I didn't force her. :-)

We started with "If you give a mouse a cookie..." and I handed her the (fake) cookie. Then I asked her, "what happens next?" She pretty much has this book memorized, but I helped prompt her when needed. I encouraged her to pretend she was the mouse and do the activities (minus trimming her whiskers, of course).

Here she is pretending to drink milk from a straw.


Cookies on a Plate and Chocolate Chip Counting

  I got this cookie counting game for $2 at Walmart! Cupcake isn't into playing the actual game yet, but she loves the cookies. So, I put some on a plate and had her count how many cookies were on the plate. I would add and take away and have her re-count. We also counted the chocolate chips on the cookies.

Cupcake loves her counting bears, so another day, we incorporated the bears. They had a chocolate chip cookie party.

We counted bears at the party and the cookies again.

We did a color cookie flip game, like the phonics game previously mentioned.

This was not really a sorting activity, but shape recognition. I printed out a little picture of the cookie mouse and cut it out. I used cookie shapes from the "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" mega pack FREE from 123 Homeschool For Me, which is an awesome pack I plan on using in it is entirety when Cupcake is older. 

I hid the mouse under a shape and said, "Where is mouse? He's under the (shape)" and Cupcake had to pick up the shape to find him. She loved it.

I used the cookie sizing printables in the printable pack mentioned above.
That is all we got done that week, besides eating cookies. :-) I am very laid back because Cupcake is only 2.5 and I want her to enjoy school.

Delightfully Homeschooling,

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