Friday, August 29, 2014

Pre-School Letter "s" Activities {Homeschool Delights}

Last week, we did lower case "s," but we did a little bit less than planned because poor, little Cupcake had a stomach bug that lasted five days. :-(


Sandpaper Letter
We traced and practiced the sound for "s" as well as reviewing "a." Cupcake liked tracing much more this time. We did this both days.

Letter "s" Play Area
I gathered toys that belong with the "s" sound.  I had her name all the objects and I repeated her, emphasizing the short a sound. Then I just let her play with the toys for a while. I leave these out on top of her toy box all week.

(Snuggle Puppy, Stacking Blocks, Stroller, Super Why Books, Squares, spoon, salt, sunglasses, seal, stethoscope)

 Letter "s" Alphabet Box Drawer
I laid out all the objects on a piece of felt and named each one, emphasizing the "s" sound. I had lots of "s" objects!

(snail, star, strawberry, snake, spider, skateboard, soccer ball)
Cupcake LOVES these little objects. You can see her little hand going for the snake-she loved the snake. Earlier this week, she got into the alphabet box and rearranged all the drawers. :-/ Gotta love toddlers!

Letter Collage Sheet
 Again, she colored her "s" sheet and found stickers with the letter "s." 

 She also wanted me to make it into a snake.

Counting Bears
This week, we counted bears on stars for the letter "s." 

 I bought these foam stars at the Dollar Tree. I wrote numbers on one side and shapes on the other for our shape-sorting activity. I also was going to use them for color sorting with the bears, but Cupcake wasn't having it.

Counting Strawberry Seeds

I cut a few strawberries out with my Silhouette and placed dried black beans on them (from The Dollar Tree) as seeds.

Cupcake practiced counting with the seeds.

Counting Snakes

 I found these little, plastic snakes at The Dollar Tree.

Star Shape Sorting
This is the only shape-sorting activity we accomplished last week!

I drew shapes on the foam stars and Cupcake matched them with shape buttons.

Art & Music
Sidewalk Chalk
We only got to one art activity and that was free draw with the sidewalk chalk.

For music, we listened to and sang Snuggle Puppy from Philadelphia Chickens.

Snack & Storytime
For snack, we had "sticks and stones," which was really just pretzel sticks, M&Ms, and raisins.

Here are the books we read for letter "s."

This is an adorable, funny book about a highly anxious squirrel who realizes his life can be a little more interesting when he discovers who he really is.

Rocky and Blossom are two sneaky sheep who are known for making bad decisions. They learn their lesson one day when they sneak off to greener pastures. Toddlers can definitely relate to these two little sheep who like to push boundaries.

This is a rhyming book about a worm who does super things, a wizard lizard who has nefarious plans to kidnap him, and friends who work together to rescue him.

A rhyming book about a silly duck whose friends condemn her for being herself, but learn their lives are incomplete without her.

a lovely rhyming book about the seasons. I love the illustrations!

Little spoon is feeling out of sorts. He is convinced that knife, fork, and chopsticks have it better than he does. But, what he doesn't know is that they think he has it better. This is a cute, witty, and punny book that reminds us to celebrate our uniqueness. 

Bible Time
I am using the book Because God is Awesome by Brad and Kathy Bright which goes through attributes of God. Cupcake is a little young for the dg4kids activities, but I am going through each attribute with her, repeating the important concepts with her.

Last week, we went through the "God is a Personal Spirit " section of the book. We listened to and sang the "s" scripture song from Songs for Saplings: ABC, which was "Does God see my ways and count my every step?" Job 31:4

Delightfully Pre-schooling,
To see my other letter activities and Pre-School posts, you can visit my Homeschool Page.

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