Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I am Now a Homeschool Mom!

Well...sort of....

Cupcake is only two and a half, but she loves learning, so we are going to start a little pre-school at home in August. 

SO, in case you were wondering what happened to me and why I haven't posting (but maybe you haven't-I don't expect you have!), it is because 1) We temporarily disabled our internet and 2) I am entrenched in Pinterest pre-school ideas.

I'll be sharing some stuff I'm doing with Cupcake here, but I will continue with my craft, fashion, etc posts soon! I considered starting an offshoot blog with just Mommy stuff, as not all my readers are moms, but then I decided I don't have time for that and the world doesn't need another Mommy blog. 

So, you will be seeing some mom stuff here because it takes up most of my time, BUT, I will not overload you and I will keep it with the theme-things I delight in, creative things, etc.

See you soon!

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