Thursday, May 15, 2014

Summer Abscence...Sort Of

So, you may have noticed that my posting has been scant as of late. My life is chaotic right now.

We recently found out that we may have to move due to circumstances beyond our control (we are renters). On top of that, we will be gone this Summer for a month and a half with the ministry we work for. So, as crazy as it sounds, we decided it was wisest to move before we left-which gave us about three weeks.


We are moving two days before we leave, but the Lord provided in all the chaos.

So, that explains my recent absence! I am going to try to post while we are on our Summer mission project, but I've heard the internet there is iffy, so I'm not sure how easy that will be. So, if I am slightly absent for the next month and a half, that is why!

Just keeping you in the loop. :-)

I am sad about this possibility, but Cupcake is just too cool for school.

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