Saturday, April 26, 2014

Cup of Delight is now on Instagram!

Now there's another way you can keep up with my blog-Instagram

I'd been using my personal Instagram account for participating in blog hashtags. I also post a lot of photos of Cupcake to keep up with family and friends. And I've used her real name (here I use her pseudonym Cupcake).  Recently, however, I've become concerned with the idea of photos of my child being available on such a widely used app. ANYONE can view her photos and screen capture them and do God knows what with them. I doubt anyone is, but the thought of it makes my stomach sick.

SO, I decided to make my account private and create an account just for my blog, where I can post fashion challenges and crafts photos. It's a win/win-you can follow me and avoid the 100th open mouthed selfie of me and Cupcake-AND my friends and family who could care less what I'm wearing today will not be subjected to it. :-)

Also-you may noticed I added the nifty little gadget on the top of my sidebar, where you can keep up with Cup of Delight in various social media platforms. You can also follow me on any of those by clicking the buttons.

Much love and delight,

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