Monday, March 17, 2014

Sunday Delights-Favorite Projects in Blogland

Yeah...I know it's Monday, but it's about time to share some of my favorite projects in Blogland.  I hope to post an original creation of my own soon, but my life has been a bit crazy of late! Before we left town for a week, we were hit with an ice storm which caused Cupcake's roof to leak and our smoke alarms to go off at 5 am. We couldn't turn them off. The fire department came. Cupcake was inconsolably screaming. It was awesome. (Note:sarcasm) 

We had to take everything out of her closet. It's a long story, but the management company hired by the homeowner's association is responsible for fixing it and, though we were gone a week, they still haven't sent the inspector. So, Cupcake is camping out in our room.

I had to reorganize her closet anyway!

You can follow my Delights Pinboard on Pinterest. I update it regularly.

Some Highlights:
 (*You can pin these from the original site or from my pins, but I have made them unpinnable from my blog in order to drive traffic to the original creator)

Bicycle Wreath from Create.Craft.Love.

original pin

Vintage Travel Nursery from Cherished Bliss

Original Pin

Vintage Wedding Dress Necklace from Little Red Window

Original Pin

Check Out my whole Delights board and all of my favorite projects from the past month.

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