Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Magnetic Dress Up for Kids {Pin There, Done That}

I recently made this fun little time occupier for my nephew-a magnetic dress up game using free printable photo booth props.

This totally was not my idea (but I wish it was because it's brilliant!) I saw this awesome idea on Creative Juice. So, I will direct you all to her blog for the basic tutorial and simply add some tips of my own.

I did use some of  Mindy's printables (see her tutorial linked above), but I also used photo prop printables from Accent the Party.

Mindy used a pencil tin for hers, so her photo and printables were a little bigger. I used a tin from a puzzle from the Dollar Tree (a little bigger than an Altoid tin).

I simply covered it in washi tape to hide the Mickey stuff. :-)

I scanned my nephew's photo and sized it to fit the tin in Publisher. Getting the free printables to the right size took some experimenting, as they are all Adobe files. Here's what I did: Open printable in Adobe, Click page Thumbnails icon on the left (looks like an icon of multiple pages), click the thumbnail (on the left) of which page you want to print and click "print"-this will cause the print options box to pop up. Click "multiple" under page sizing and click "16" under pages per sheet and then click print. This will get you the right size (at least for the size I used). For other sizes, experiment with the numbers per sheet.

Such a fun activity for kids-and easy and inexpensive to make!

Again, for the basic tutorial and original idea, see Mindy's post at Creative Juice!

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