Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday 11/5/13

It's time for another week of What I Wore Wednesday with Lindsey from The Pleated Poppy!

This is the one where my mirror becomes progressively dirtier with each photo. I only have four outfits-there was a lot of sweat pantsing going on this weekend, as Cupcake had a fever. :-(

I'll start with my favorite combo this week (and "slightly" dirty mirror):
I love this cardigan-it's a twist on the boyfriend cardigan. It looks like a boyfriend cardigan, except instead of buttons, it had an open front and drapey collar.

Cardigan-Meijer (Similar)
Plaid Shirt-Old Navy
Skinny Jeans-Coldwater Creek
(I bought this three years ago; I can't believe they still have it!)

I love puffer vests!

Striped Shirt-Old Navy
Shoes-Dr. Scholl's
(ha ha, this makes me feel like an old woman, but seriously, they have cute shoes.)

 Skinny Jeans-Coldwater Creek

And after Cupcake plaid on my mirror, leaving precious, little hand prints all over...

Top-Ruby Rose via Zulily
Cardi-Target (Similar)

And in conclusion, a couple from Cupcake:

Here she's styling a vintage 1980s sweater, which was mine when I was her age. Isn't my mom the AWESOMEST for keeping this stuff?! This sweater is so cute-I seriously wish I had one in my size.

Bah-love this cute little jean dress my sister bought her from Crazy 8.

Delightful Dressing!

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