Sunday, November 10, 2013

How To Get a Baby's Handprint on a Glass Ornament {Delightfully Creative}

I know, I know it's not even Thanksgiving yet. Oh well-today I am showing you a Christmas ornament I made last year for Cupcake's first Christmas!

My two favorite ideas on Pinterest were a photo ornament and a handprint ornament, so I thought, Why not do both?! I used a glass ball ornament, so one side contains her handprint and one side contains her photo and I wrote her name and the year in between.

So, this craft will come in two parts. Today, I will share with you how to get your baby's handprint on an ornament without it looking wonky. Tomorrow, I will share with you how to insert a photo neatly into the ornament.

We've all seen the Pinterest Perfect photo of the handprint ornament, like this one from Babytalk Bungalow (my original inspiration).

You may have also seen or experienced a hilarious fail, like this one from Craft Fail.

Don't feel bad-it's easy to do! Babies and paint just don't mix. When you place a ball-like object in a baby's hand, their tendency is to curl up their fingers, so if you paint a baby's hand and attempt to stamp it on the ornament, disaster will ensue!

I know because I did it. Actually, I failed twice. Here, you can see Cupcake knew it would be a disaster before I did.

 But, I don't give up easily! I highly recommend doing this with glitter paint. It will probably work with regular paint, but your baby's actual print may be lost (though you will have the basic size and shape, so it works).

What you will need to capture your little angel's handprint perfectly is:

Before you begin, wipe the ornament clean with glass cleaner and make sure it is dry.

First, brush a medium coat of glue onto baby's hand with brush-use just enough to make a nice print, not too much or too little. Then press the hand carefully onto the ornament. Rolling the ornament onto the hand works well. The reason this will not smudge like paint is because it is sticky, causing the ornament to stick into place on your baby's hand. Also, it is much more forgiving than paint. If you mess up, you can wash it off and try again. If it smudges a little, you can correct it with the second step.

Clean baby's hand! You have time-the glue won't dry that fast.

Next, you're going to fill in the glue handprint with glitter paint. Squirt out some glitter paint onto a paper or other disposable object. Dab the brush into the paint and then dab it onto the glue handprint-dabbing will allow you to carefully fill in the handprint while keeping the original print in tact. I do not have a super steady hand and this worked well for me. Continue to dab until handprint is completely filled in.

Allow it to dry and that's it! The great thing about this technique is that it allows you to have a colorful, glittery handprint, but you can still see details of the baby's actual print through the glitter.

It's so easy, I did it three times and made some for the grandparents as well!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post, where I explain how to insert a photo into a glass ornament.

Delightfully Creating,

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  1. Great idea!! Do you think a glue stick would work or not transfer as well?

    1. Thanks! I think a glue stick might not be as sticky, but it also would probably be forgiving and easy to wash off, so you could always try it.


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