Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Diamond Candles: Natural Soy Candles Review

Today I have an exciting giveaway for ya'll!

What is better than a yummy smelling candle? A yummy smelling candle with a surprise inside! That's the fun wrapped up in Diamond Candles all-natural soy candles. 

Each candle contains a ring hidden inside-burn down your candle and you will find it. The ring could be worth from $10 to $5000 (no lie!), but no matter the worth, it will most likely be pretty.

The surprise ring is not just a gimmick. Let's be real here-most of the candles probably contain a ring worth $10-$20. The candle alone is enough goodness in itself and the ring is just an added fun bonus. I received the cinnamon tea candle and the scent that filled my home was comforting and delectable. I love this scent and found it to be one of the best quality candles I've used-both scent, durability, safety, and how how it burned. I really like that they are natural soy candles too, which are better for the environment. 

Diamond candles are affordable too. They retail at $25 for a 21 oz jar candle (plus ring), which is an average price for soy candles without surprise rings.

So why the ring then? According to their website, the creators of Diamond Candles simply wanted to make the ordinary act of burning a candle extraordinary and exciting. As a person who loves surprises and anticipation, I found this quite enjoyable. Their quality candles sell the product, but the surprise ring sets their candle-burning experience apart from other candles. 

If you're wondering how they could possible afford to place high-value rings in SOME of the candles, you can read their explanation on their website.Obviously, they cannot afford to put and expensive ring in every candle, but you may just find one!

Here's how it works: 
Burn your yummy candle (there is a gold circle that shows you about where the ring is located inside).

Dig out the ring, which is sealed in a plastic bag and wrapped in foil to protect it and keep it clean.

Unwrap your ring and enjoy! (If it is worth $100 or more, it will most likely have a mark on the inside of the band. So, if you find a mark, get it appraised!)

No, mine was not big money-haha. But, it's pretty! And it actually fits, which I found surprising. They currently have no way of letting you choose the ring size, but according to recent comments, they may be offering that option soon.

Diamond Candles offers a variety of scents in floral, fruity, fresh, food, and tropical. They also sell special occasion candles and make great gifts.


Diamond Candles is giving away one candle to a Cup of Delight reader! 
One winner will receive a candle of their choice! Enter via Rafflecopter below. Giveaway ends Monday, September 16.

Disclosure: This is not a paid advertisement. I received a free candle of my choice from Diamond Candles to review. All opinions are mine. 


  1. How fun - and random - is that? Never heard of them, but I do love candles!

    1. Haha-I know. But, it really is fun. They are actually out of Durham!


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