Monday, August 12, 2013

The Pinterest Problem and What I am Doing About It

Let me start off by saying, I love Pinterest. The creators of Pinterest are awesome in my opinion. I love what Pinterest has done for the creative world by encouraging more people to create and DIY. I love that it is an easy platform to share ideas.

However, with Pinterest comes some problems in the Blogsphere. It's not the creators fault, but problems are inevitable with a largely popular sharing site that is difficult to monitor.

When I started this blog, Pinterest did not exist. In some of my older posts, I posted photos and sourced them, which was considered the right thing to do a few years ago. However, I've discovered recently that people are pinning things from my blog that are not my photos-even on newer posts where I included a sign that says to please pin from the original site.

I know, it's easy to do so please know that I am not blaming anyone! It's easy to get excited and want to pin something and not even realize there is a link to the original blog. I've most likely  done it myself.

No one has ever contacted me to complain about this, so this is not a response to anyone, but something I believe is right to do. I have a small blog that I write as a hobby and not for monetary compensation, so I doubt I am even a perceived threat. BUT,  I feel as a blogger and writer it's my responsibility to respect and protect the hard work of others that I feature. I feature other bloggers and projects because I love and enjoy them and want to spread the word-thus supporting the creator. I do my Party Round Ups (which seem to be where the main problem is) for the same reason, and to put all the great ideas I've found in one place.

Some bloggers, who blog professionally rely on Pinterest to drive new traffic to their sites. It isn't fair for them if other blogs, like mine, feature a project and that project is getting pinned from my blog and driving the traffic to my blog and not theirs. That is certainly NOT my intent and the very opposite of my purpose for featuring others, which is to show support and appreciation for them. I would never ever want to steal, even if by accident, someone else's hard work.  

SO, Here's What I'm Doing About It!

The solution is actually quite simple. After very little research, I discovered that I can actually make certain photos on my blog unpinnable with a simple little tag. Practically Functional has a great tutorial on how to do this for different blog platforms. 

Just type nopin="nopin" into the html code of your photo and readers cannot pin the image to Pinterest!

I am in the process of doing this on my party posts and other round up posts. I will do this from now on with all featured posts. That way, readers will be forced to click the links to the original blog to pin and the original blogger will get the link back on Pinterest.

If you're a Blogger, large or small, who often features other
bloggers' creative content, will you join me?! That is, if you haven't already!

Let's protect each other's creativity and keep the blogging community friendly! Yes, it takes a little bit more work to add that tag, but really, it's not that MUCH more work.

Love you all,

 To spread the word, I am linking to these parties:

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  1. I have no idea how to do what you are saying but have experienced it on other blogs.

    One thing I've done is if I post from another blog, I make sure to list the source. Sooooooo I figure if people come to my post, they'll end up at the original post. No?

    The back of my head is all over Pinterest in one of the worst photos ever (quality wise). I have no clue why it has been repinned bazillions of times but I'm OK with it. I've seen it in random places too.

  2. Thanks for the tip April...I also have a disclaimer on my blog about respecting my photos etc and find my pins on Pinterest always popping up! Jazzi

  3. Thank you so much for this!! I also have a weekly party where I feature others and sometimes I do round up posts. I always include a link back to their blog and their blog name,but I find a lot of people pin from my blog instead of going to the original link. so this is just perfect!!! thank you

    Natasha @

  4. Yes, I have had problems with this type of thing on Pinterest. I am not so confident with the HTML code yet but I could probably just add the nopin. Thanks.


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