Monday, August 5, 2013

Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan {Literary Delights}

Genre: Adult Fiction (But also appropriate and appealing to Teens)

The Recipe: Mr. Penumbra's 24 -Hour Bookstore is a tale of adventure, conspiracy, puzzles, and mystery. When Clay obtains a late-night job at an old bookstore, he must spend his nights making strange, accurate notes about each customer's appearance and behavior. The customers are few and far between and they don't really buy books, but instead calculatedly borrow old, obscure volumes. Clay and his friends seek to crack the mystery of the old bookstore and find it's mysteries reach across the globe and may lead tot he secret to eternal life.

The Frosting and Sprinkles: I was really excited to read this book because well, it's about books and mystery and adventure. Some of my favorite things.

Overall, I found it enjoyable to read, but it's not a favorite. Sloan is a very descriptive writer. I felt I perfectly imagined that zany, little bookstore. His settings stay with you.

The story is exciting and witty. It leads you to want to keep reading most of the time, but there are parts that went a little slowly.

I really liked how Sloan explored the mixes of literature, art, technology, and religion, not elevating or demonizing any over the others.

The characters were likeable, but there was no real character development other than the main character, Clay, which was disappointing.

The book cover GLOWS IN THE DARK. How awesome is that? I didn't even know until I was trying to sleep and saw a glow from my nightstand. I am also convinced there is some secret code embedded on the cover, but I am too lazy to figure out if that's true.

The Hair That Fell Into the Batter: Minor characters were flat.

The resolution was somewhat lacking and left me wanting more. It has a point and I get it; I just didn't love it.

Sloan is obviously a computer nerd who loves to write. There was a lot of computer nerdiness going on, which is fine, but the computer jargon became hard to follow and mundane, which is probably why I found parts of it slow. 

My Rating:
(I Liked It)

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