Thursday, August 15, 2013

Make High Quality Coffee for Half the Price (or less!) {Delightful Friday Finds}

I love to tell ya'll about things I love, so today I am going to introduce you to one of the best kept secrets in coffee making (but it shouldn't be!)-The AeroPress.

It's like a french press, but smaller, cheaper, faster and better!
It's all the rage with Hipster coffee snobs. I am not a Hipster coffee snob, but I have cool friends. I love the AeroPress because it's inexpensive, convenient, versatile, and portable.

Last year, my one cup coffee maker broke. Fortunately, it was just before Christmas, so I decided I would ask for the current most popular coffee maker on the market-The Keurig. I liked using my parents and it seemed very convenient.

 Then I started hearing the complaints-how people had to "burp" their Keurig machines because, after awhile, they started making half cups of coffee. I started re-thinking my wish list. It seemed a lot of money to pay for a machine I had to turn upside down and smack after a couple years of use.

My husband, the avid researcher, began researching and asking. Our friend, a former Starbucks manager and coffee aficionado/Hipster Coffee Snob told us the Aeropress made the best coffee he ever tasted. I admit, I was skeptical, but for $26, it wouldn't hurt to try it. 

He was right. I am not exaggerating-it's the best coffee I've ever made.

It's Inexpensive
Let me break it down for you

The cheapest Keurig machine + 1 year of K Cups (if you drink one cup a day) costs around $318
The AeroPress+ Cheap Coffee Grinder (if you choose to grind your own coffee) + one year supply of filters + Coffee for a year (Starbucks whole bean) = $74!

That's $244 savings for the first year and about $200 a year in coffee supplies! (Pricing $25/30 K Cup Variety Pack).

But, I'm paying for the convenience!
That's what I thought, but the Aeropress is incredible simple to use AND clean, which sets it apart from a french press. It's hands on, so it's not as convenient as pushing a button and walking away, but it only takes two minutes to make high quality coffee.

It's incredibly easy to clean-it's top-rack dishwasher safe or you can rinse it off and use it a couple of times before cleaning. 
It's Portable
I travel a lot. Now, I can make coffee anywhere because the AeroPress is really compact and easy to take places. Also, I am not worried about it breaking like a french press.

It's Versatile
With the aeropress, all you need to buy is coffee, but you can make a regular cup of Americano coffee or you can make an espresso, latte, etc. It can make 1-4 cups of coffee at once.

Most coffee snobs recommend grinding your own coffee to use with the AeroPress, but already ground coffee tastes wonderful too-I do both.

Here's How You Use It
The AeroPress people give you one way to brew coffee in the AeroPress. I prefer to brew it inverted because it gives me more time to steep if I want. If you brew the "normal" way, the water will start filtering through the filter before you press-this is totally OK and the coffee still tastes great, but I like to have control over it.

Here are the components that come with the $26 price tag but to get the year-supply of filters added, it costs $32 instead of $26.

I'll be honest-I never use the funnel.

Step 1:

Push the press to 3 and turn upside down.

Step 2: Heat Water
The directions will tell you what temperature it needs to be. I use this creamer mug from Target and microwave it for two minutes. I figured out this the perfect size for a cup of coffee (about a cup and a half) and two minutes heats it tot he right temperature.

Step 3: Pour one scoop of coffee into the AeroPress...

and stir for 10 seconds. Be careful to not get coffee on the edges like I did here...maybe I should use that funnel. If you do, you'll need to wipe it off or you'll have a hard time getting the filter on.

Step 4: Place paper filter in plastic filter cap and screw on filter...

and turn the whole press right side up over the mug (quickly!). Press down-it should take 20 seconds.

Step 5:
Prepare your coffee how you want it. What you currently have in your cup is an espresso.  For a common Coffee Americano, Add the rest of the water. 

For a latte, add steamed milk. For a mocha, add steamed milk and chocolate syrup.

Clean Up:
Simply take off the filter cap and push the paper filter and coffee ground out into the trash. They will come out in a neat lump.

And rinse out the Aeropress and your done!

Very simple and yummy.

I've also made coffee the night before and chilled it over night for iced coffee.

You can purchase the Aeropress on the website or from Amazon.

Delightful Brewing!

I did not receive any compensation for this review, nor was I ever contacted by Aeropress. I simply love this product, so am sharing about it on my blog!


  1. Well, how did I not hear about this in all my post-Keurig research last fall!??!?!? I still love my cold press but this is really tempting and great for travel, as you said.

  2. Aeropress Coffee Maker has always been the best coffee maker for me.It is easy to operate and I just love the iced coffee I have produced with this.


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