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20 Baby Items I Don't Want to Live Without Part 2!

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Price: $15

This was one of Cupcake's most favorite toys. In fact, she found it the other day (at 18 months) and giggled with delight. We also have The Very Lonely Firefly book which is awesome because it lights up at the end. This toy is great because it has five awesome features in one baby toy-a place to chew, a mirror (babies love mirrors! Cupcake liked to chew on the mirror too, though-it's safe; don't worry!), a wing that makes crinkly noises, rings, and it lights up. Oh-and it's super colorful, which babies also love. The only feature it doesn't have is annoying music/noise (thank, God!)

Price: $9

Start your little Austenite out early with this adorable counting primer based on Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. Seriously-this is the cutest thing ever and number 10 is the best part. I won't ruin it for you, but it's the best. Jennifer Adams just came out with a Sense and Sensibility one-a book of opposites (PERFECTION!). Cupcake will be getting this soon!

Price: $42
(Although I am pretty sure we got this cheaper last Christmas-the price may occasionally drop on Amazon)

 We bought this for Cupcake for Christmas last year and she loves it. It's a great shape sorter that will grow with baby. There are three types of shapes-large plush, small plastic, and large plastic see-though ones that have items to shake inside (not pictured for some reason). There are large holes and small holes (located on other side of the roof). The puppy flap opens to a mirror. Shape sorters are a must-have for babies because they help with motor skills and shape recognition. I liked this one the best because of the different types of shapes and the mirror. Also, it's large enough to fit other objects. Cupcake loves to hide things inside.

   Price: $7 for 2

This may be considered more of a toddler item, but I started using it as early as possible. I love these things because it allows baby to reach in to get the snack, but prevents baby from turning the cup upside down and dumping the snack out for added fun. However, Cupcake still makes a small mess sometimes because she tries to grab too many crackers out at once and drops them.

Price: $60

We received this as a gift and I LOVE this thing. Once baby learns to sit up on their own, they can ride in an umbrella stroller, which is much lighter and smaller than the baby carrier stroller. You can buy a cheap one for $15, but The Ignite is SO worth the extra money. It will never have to be replaces because it's sturdy and won't break after a year, like many umbrella strollers do. The double wheels makes it easier to push through grass, gravel, and unsavory pavement. Despite it's sturdiness, it is light and fold compactly. Also, it includes a pouch with a pouch and cup holder for Mama's Diet Coke. 

I wouldn't recommend running with this, but I do fast-walk exercise with the occasional jog and it works great. It's not a jogging stroller, though, so it MAY fall apart if you try to use it as one.

 Price: $30

Most baby-toting moms swear by the Ergo, but I didn't want to pay over $100 for a baby carrier, so we got this one. I like this one because it is versatile-can be used for front carrying and back carrying. In fact, we can still use it because it holds a baby/toddler up to 32 pounds. So...if we ever go hiking again, Jeff Not me will be wearing this and Cupcake on his back. :-)

Cupcake loved being in this. I didn't put her in nursery in church until she was about 4 months old because I wore her in this and she fell asleep every time. I also wore her when she was tiny and we were not sleep training yet. She'd fall asleep on me and I could do chores or sit and play on my computer, which is what I did most of the time. It's surprisingly comfortable for the price.

Price: $25 per Serta Mattress Pad

If you are having a baby or know someone who is, make sure you.they have TWO mattress covers-at least. One of the best tips someone gave me was to layer the crib mattress: mattress pad, sheet, 2nd mattress pad, 2nd sheet. That way, WHEN you're baby has an accident in the middle of the night, all you have to do is crawl out of bed to the sounds of wailing, pick up baby, rip off the peed/pooped-on sheet, rip off the top mattress pad, put baby down, and go back to bed. It will save a lot of sanity. 

The second best crib tip I received: Just take the whole darn mattress out of the crib to make the bed-it will make your life easier.

We have the Serta mattress pad, which is fluffy and durable.

Price: $65

Before we had the Pack N Play, Cupcake slept in this. We opted for this instead of a bassinet because it was cheaper and portable. She slept in this in our room for about a month and she was nice and cozy and slept wonderfully. It's also great because it rocks (though not on it's own) so if she woke up crying, I could sleepily rock her while still laying in bed. 

We also had her nap in this in the living room during nap time with the TV going and lights on. To this day, she sleeps soundly in noise and light. It folds up and is easily portable for travel. It can only be used for a few months, though, because it is not safe once they learn to roll over.

Baby Tylenol

 Don't judge. This stuff is magical. Now, before someone writes me a nasty comment about over-drugging my baby, please note that we only use it when necessary (fever, un-easable toothache). I am thankful for modern medicine!

All opinions are mine. I was not contacted to review any of these products nor did I receive anything free to review. These are simply products I've used and like.


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