Monday, August 19, 2013

12 Fall Crafts and Recipes {Delightfully Creative}

I think I am ready for Fall earlier every year. I plan on putting the Fall decor up real soon, though I confess, I still have Easter eggs on the coffee table...

Anyway, here's a taste of fall-12 of my top Fall posts. I hopefully will get a new craft post up next week, but this is the current state of my laptop screen:

Thankfully, we have our computer monitor I can hook my laptop to! But, our cord is made for a PC, so I have it taped into my laptop.

Totally ghetto, but it works. Note to all fellow clumsy people: Try real hard not to step on your laptop. Of course, I did not do that on purpose, but try real hard. Hopefully, we will be able to fix it soon-frugally. I'll write you a post about it.

Onto the Fall posts! Click links for details!

 This remains my most popular Fall post, despite the crooked/not great photos. I only have photos because a year after I posted this craft, it met with my unforgiving stained concrete floor.

 I used to do a segment on this blog called, "Find It and Make It" where I would make crafts from materials I already had or found. This was one of them. I think I need to start that back up-I have some craft supplies I need to use up!

I made this one after the first one broke. I like this one better.

 Complete with an orange-tinted photo. :-) Glad I improved with the photo taking!

 I've had this for two years. It's cute, but I'm thinking of making a new one-maybe this year or next.

I have since changed the subway art. This year, I'm changing the mum, so stay tuned!

Good Fall comfort food.

I was such a green blogger, I didn't even take a picture...I may have to remedy that and make this soon...

Delightful Fall Dreaming!

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