Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Book Cover Coasters {Delightfully Creative}

Do you have a book lover in your life? Here is a fun and easy handmade gift idea. I recently made these book cover coasters for my bibliophile sister as a part of her her Nerd Girl Gift Stash I gave her for her birthday.

This craft is a little twist on the ever-popular scrapbook paper coasters and was the idea that started the whole Nerd Girl gift explosion for my sister. 

These are super easy to make and super great for the inexpensive price it takes to make them (dear Sister, ignore this! :-)) All you need is:
  • 4" x 4" Ceramic Tiles: You can find these at home improvement stores, like Lowe's. They are only 16 cents per tile!
  • Mod Podge (I prefer the matte finish for this project)
  • Paint Brush (for applying Mod Podge)
  • Computer, Printer, and regular printing paper
  • Paper Trimmer or Scissors
  • Foam Sheets (found at any craft store near felt)
  • Glue (preferably hot glue)
Step 1: Create Images
Find images of your bibliophile's favorite book covers online and save them to your computer. Printing them is the simplest part. You can use any photo program to size them-I used Microsoft Publisher. I sized them to slightly smaller than 4" by 4" so the white tile would outline the image. 

I experimented with shapes-trying the normal rectangular book and also making them into a square. I actually liked the square better. It slightly distorts the image, but not enough to make it look bad.

Print the book cover images and let the ink dry (5 minutes to be safe). You can use regular computer paper for this. Cut out each book cover-I used a paper trimmer because I can't cut straight lines to save my life.

Step 2: Mod Podge It!
There is definitely a technique to using Mod Podge-if you use too much, the paper will bubble up, so don't be afraid to use sparingly! Trust me, a very small amount of Mod Podge firmly glues-that is one of the may reasons it is so fantastic.

Brush a very thin coat of Mod Podge to the back of the image. I usually dip the brush once and spread it as thinly as possible. Press the image down on the smooth side of the tile. To prevent bubbling, smooth the paper down-I use a pencil, the end of the paint brush, or a popsicle stick for this part. Let it dry according to the directions on the Mod Podge bottle-it's important that you follow the drying time! No short cuts!

Step 3: Seal and Coat
Finally, you will seal and coat the coasters with Mod Podge by brushing very thin coats on top of the entire surface of the coaster. Again, follow the drying time in between coats. I usually do about 4 to 5 top coats for this project. 
If you're using the matte finish, be be sure to brush on the Mod Podge in the same direction, using one stroke per line or else your finish will look wonky.

Step 4: Apply Foam
You will want to put something on the back of the tiles to protect table surfaces from scratching. Some use felt for this. I prefer foam-it is thicker and it prevents the coaster from slipping. You can find sheets of foam near the sheets of felt in a craft store and it is inexpensive. A 12"x18" sheet costs about $1.25.

Cut the foam to size-again, I cut a little smaller than 4"x4" because of the way the tiles juts out in the back-it's easier to glue on if it is smaller. Glue the foam to the back of the tile, preferably with hot glue.

As you can see, mine are not always perfectly straight, but it will be out of site!

You can do this with scrapbook paper, maps, movie posters, photos-the possibilities are endless!

Delightfully Creating,

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  1. Have you used coasters done this way to hold glasses that have condensation? I tried it with some I was given and the first time the condensation hit the Mod Podge, the Mod Podge reverted to its sticky, pre-dry substance and the glass stuck to the coaster. It ruined the pretty gift. :-( Just wondering what your experience has been with that? I've read that the problem can be prevented by using a clear sealant over the Mod Podge, but haven't tried it.

    1. I had that problem with the first ones I did and I only used one coat of mp to seal it. When I use 5 coats I don't have that problem. I have noticed it looks a bit wet (but doesn't feel wet) when the condensation hits but when it dries the wet spot goes away again.

    2. Glad to know you can achieve the result with just Mod Podge. I guess the person who made mine didn't know she needed to use multiple coats.

  2. And they work great! I ♥ them so much.

  3. What a clever idea!!
    Thanks for sharing at Monday Funday Link Party!
    Hope your week is extraordinary!


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