Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What Cupcake and I Are Reading {Children's Books}

It's been a while since I've shared what Cupcake (15 months) and I are reading. She had moved to a cute stage where she would point at pictures on the pages, but as of late, she's moved into mischievous toddler mode and all she wants to do is fold the book in half or rip the pages and when I won't let her, she whines. *sigh* I keep trying, though.

Here are some books I am attempting to keep in nice condition. :-)

 This was mine from childhood-and I am pretty sure it is out of print and hard to find. I loved this as a child and love reading it to Cupcake. It's a cute counting story about a woman determined to chase a mouse out of her house followed by a myriad of other nuisances, only to discover she was happy with the mouse. 

First published in 1939, this is H.A. first book featuring the famous Curious George. Cecily the Giraffe is sad because all her friends were taken to the zoo and she has no one to play with. Mama Pamplemoose and her 8 little monkeys need a new place to live because someone tore down their trees. When they meet, it's a perfect match! The little monkeys fit perfectly together in one giraffe bed and Cecily has never had so much fun being a giraffe playground for monkeys.

 Doctor De Soto and his wife break their rule to never treat animals who are are danger to mice when they have compassion for a fox with a toothache. However, when the fox gets a taste of Doctor De Soto working in his mouth, his plans became sinister. One step ahead of him, the doctor and his wife make their own plans to outfox the fox.

This is a cute story about a peddler who takes a nap and discovers his caps have been stolen by some mischievous little creatures.

  This was the very first book Cupcake received from Auntie. I LOVE this book-it's a work of art. It is a book of nursery rhymes, which every kid needs, but what makes this book amazing and special is Salley Mavoy's illustrations. Each is a scene handmade by here from fabric and found materials. How could I not love it?!

Delightful Reading,

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