Wednesday, April 3, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday 4/3/13

It's time for another week of What I Wore Wednesday with Lindsey from The Pleated Poppy!

OK Confession: This is actually random pickings from the past 3 weeks...I haven't been very consistent. Also, I was blessed with money for my birthday and yes, I spent nearly all of it on clothes. It's the one time of year I can really go clothes shopping!

I'll start with my favorite. Because Winter is playing a cruel joke on us and won't go away, I wore long sleeves on Easter:

 This outfit is totally me, which is why it's my favorite this week.

Lace Top-H&M 
Skirt-Downeast Basics (Similar Skirt Here)
Mary Jane Ozfords-Target

My Chill Outfit

Top-Forever 21 (Similar)
Let me just take a minute to say that I love CC's knit jeans. My mom bought me a couple of pairs. She is awesome. They are so comfy, they feel like I'm wearing yoga pants, but they look like normal jeans. It is awesome. These are the boot cut.
Flats-Old Navy

Going Vintage (Looking)

This one is a little fuzzy because I took it on my ipod-I left my camera in baby's room with napping baby. Oops! My Mother In Law bought this dress for me for a Christmas gift-love it!

Green Hepcat Dress-ModCloth

Spring made an appearance this weekend, so I wore short sleeves.

Blue Top-Maurices
Cardi-I bought this on Zulily, so I have no clue where it actually comes from
Here's a close-up of the detail and the necklace my husband bought me in Mexico. :-)

Flats-Payless (I've had these things forever)

This picture unfortunately does not do this top justice. It has a little crochet embellishment that is hard to capture with self portraits.

Top and Cardigan-H&M

Spring Crept In Again!

Cami-H&M (These are my favorite camis ever)
(These are the slim fit knit-LOVE)
Jewelry-Charming Charlie

And for added cuteness, as always, here is Cupcake and what she's been wearing (Thanks to Mimi, she is a well-dressed little lady).

 Left (Having a laughing fit): Dress from Gymboree
Right (for Easter): Dress from Gymboree
Gah! Love these cute little dresses.

Top Right: Top and Jeans from Gymboree and the new photo look we've been getting when we say, "Smile!"
Left: Top-H&M (cuteness!) Right Bottom: Here's a close-up of her adorable little shoes from Gymboree.

So, I made mention of Cupcake's hilarious little mouth open pose she's been giving us and a friend kindly pointed this out: too funny!

Happy Dressing!


  1. I so envy your flat stomach!

    Great outfits this week.

    1. Haha Kristin, it's funny you should say that because I definitely don't feel it is flat post-baby. But, I cheat and wear shape-wear! :-)

  2. I love that blue skirt, it's so pretty! Stopping by from WIWW


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