Sunday, April 28, 2013

Delights of the Month: A Round Up of Favorites From Blogland

The following are some of my favorite projects I've seen from other bloggers in the past month. If you pin, PLEASE pin from the original site! Click links o pin and for more details!

So much loveliness going on in Blogland these days! Here are some of my favorites!


This looks like a fun pattern and I LOVE the fabric she chose.
This decor is so unique and just lovely.
Gah! I am just gushing over this cuteness. Need. to. learn. my. sewing. machine. NOW!
These are so pretty and look easy to make! Perfect for gifts!

Great Ideas

This is such a clever idea to keep from poking holes in pictures!
You can re-use these strips over and over. I really want to try this for hanging stuff on the fridge.
Clever idea for the wordies!
I love how Kelly included a little crafty swag with her business cards!
I've used magnets in me medicine cabinet to hold my tweexers-why did I never think to make it cute?!

  It's Easy Being Green!

Such a cute Earth Day activity-and I'm envisioning using this process to make pretty plantable papers for little gifts.
I LOVE these frames-I wish I had a saw...and room for one.
Don't throw it away-make it pretty with paper and Mod Podge!
Some people call it trash, others find the beauty!
Frugally make your own stamps AND recycle those wine corks-such a great idea, and I must mention that this is my first Delight ever from a guy-Dude, you rock.

All For the Little Ones

I am in love with these! And they are much easier to make than you'd think! These would make a perfect nursery mobile.
LOVE this idea too-I am for sure doing this for Cupcake when she's older.
OK, so you don't have to be a kid to have this! But, I thought it would make an adorable baby album. 
Just precious.
This is adorbs and I love it with the vignette!

That's it for this month! I think I am going to go back to trying this weekly. I went to doing it monthly because I thought it would be less time-consuming, but it actually seems more time consuming! But, I do like to share the things that inspire me, so I don't want to get rid of it.

Thanks for inspiring!

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