Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday 2/6/13

It's time for another What I Wore Wednesday with Lindsey from The Pleated Poppy.

I was all about some boots this week-that's because it was North Carolina's week of Winter. This how the seasons go in the Piedmont region of NC (Dates are approximate)
 Jan 1-Jan 20:FALL
Jan 21-Jan 30: WINTER
Jan 31-March 5:FALL
March 6-April 25: SPRING 
April 26-September 20: SUMMER
September 21-Jan 1: FALL-with maybe a few days of Winter mixed in.

Now you know.
 Here's what I wore:

 Hopefully I don't look too much like an uber-modest Tinkerbelle.

Turtleneck: Kohls (a long time ago)
Belt: Target
Skirt: Old Navy
Boots: Target

 Lace Dress (I think I wear this every week): Target
Jean Jacket: Christopher and Banks
Scarf: Forever 21
Boots: Target

In the morning, it was Fall and then it turned to Spring at lunch time (crazy NC!), so I changed into this ensemble:

 (same dress)
Then it turned Fall again. P.S. Scarves are a great way to entertain your baby when she makes you leave a worship meeting and you have no toys (well, except George). In her defense, her Daddy was speaking, so she thought it would be appropriate to speak too.


Dress: Target
Scarf: JC Penney
Boots: Target

I don't know how I feel about this over the brown shirt anymore-I used to wear this all the time, but now I don't love it...

Dress: Forever 21 (a while ago)
Belt and Boots: Target
Long sleeve shirt: Old Navy

Top: Banana Republic Outlet
Jeans: Old Navy
Cardigan: Maurices
Heels: Payless

Delightfully Ensembling (I made that word up),

pleated poppy


  1. I am cracking UP at your seasonal changes. MO is like that too!!!!!!!! ARG!

  2. These are all really adorable looks! Love that white dress on you. So cute with the red shoes :)


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