Friday, February 15, 2013

Craftgawker and Other Four Fabulous Free Apps {Delightful Friday Finds}

I entered modern times, ya'll, and got an Ipod Touch...yeah, still no smart phone. I refuse to pay for the data plan. But, since I live in a big city and wireless is everywhere I need it to be, the Ipod touch is perfect for me. 

So, today I am sharing with you some my favorite free apps. I'd love to hear your favorites too because I'm always looking for new ones amongst the gazillion that exist. So, leave a comment and tell me your favorite apps!

Obviously, I use the commonly used apps-Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Words With Friends (love that game!), are some of my other most-used apps.


What?  A photo gallery of handmade crafts and art

Here's a screenshot:

Why? I love Craftgawker because it's a fun place to browse crafts and be inspired. Each photo links to the source website. You can search for specific crafts, save favorites for future inspiration, browse under categories. I email photos to myself to view the websites later on my computer. 

Craftgawker also has a normal website that is just like their app. So, if you don't have a smart phone or ipod, no worries! Visit it

On the website, you can register for an account and submit your own crafts-perhaps they will end up on Craftgawker!

What? Allows you to quickly combine multiple photos into one picture.

Why? I am indecisive, so PicStitch allows me to avoid choosing which photos to share on Instagram-I can put them all in one! It's fast and easy-and you can easily save stitched pics to your devise and share on Instagram.

Blue Letter Bible
What? Searchable Bible, by verse or keyword. Several English translations, plus the Vulgate, and interlinear Hebrew OT and Greek NT. 

Why? This app gives you all the greatness of Blue Letter on your mobile device. Not only can you read the Bible in various translations, but you can look up words in the dictionary or concordance, compare translations, get a list of cross-refrences, and see commentaries on every passage. This app also allows you to write and save notes for each verse and save groups of verses in folders.
 What?  This app gives various coupons-manufacturer's, stores', etc.

Why? You can print coupons on a wi-fi printer-I haven't utilized this feature yet, but I like this app because you can add store coupons to your passbook and certain coupons can be loaded right to your grocery store card. The only shortfall is that it is only compatible with certain grocery store cards.

The Weather Channel 

 What? The weather forecast, of course. 

Why? I like to check the weather. This app allows me to see the current weather, hourly, 10 day, or 36 hour. You can also check seasonal storms and watch videos, but I don't really do those.

Perhaps I'll share more as I discover-please tell me your favorites!

Delightful Apping,

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