Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Finds: Feedly-I love this RSS Reader!

I really like using Blogger as a blogging platform, but I've been really frustrated with it as a means for reading blogs for several months.

Ever since Google changed Google Friends Connect, it seems the widget does not work. I have not been able to manage my followed blogs for nearly a year. I've searched Google forums and several people are having this problem, but it remains unfixed. I used to like reading blogs via my Blogger feed because it gave me a simple way to scroll through and see which entries I actually wanted to read, with a photo and the first few sentences. 

So, I began using Google Reader. I have to be honest, though I use a Google blog platform, I don't like Google Reader. The photos are tiny and barely viewable and I can't organize my subscriptions the way I want. It is not aesthetically pleasing, which is important to me.

I began a search for better RSS feed readers and was surprised to find that there's not many better choices out there. Then, I recently discovered Feedly and it was exactly what I was looking for in an RSS Reader. It has seriously made blog reading much more enjoyable for me! 

Reasons I Love Feedly and Highly Recommend It:

1. The Magazine-like layout
As I mentioned before, browsing blogs must be aesthetically pleasing for me and this included my RSS Reader. In Feedly, I can choose from six different layouts and a myriad of backgrounds. I, of course chose the magazine layout in my favorite green. Here's a screenshot of my feedly page:

 As you can see, the feed shows a good-sized, clear photo and the first few sentences of each post. It is easy for me to skim and see which entries I want to read further.

If this layout is not your cup of tea, there are 5 other different layouts to choose from.

2. You Can Link Feedly to Your Google Reader Account
Switching to Feedly was a cinch because I was able to link it to my Google Reader Account. It imported all the blogs I already follow and I can now manage them in Feedly. When I delete or add a blog in Feedly, it updates Google Reader as well.

3. Feedly Has A Free I-Phone/I Pod Touch/Android App
I can use Feedly on the go! I really like their App layout too.

4. You Can Add Feedly to Your Firefox Browser and Google Chrome.
Firefox is my browser of choice and feedly allows me to add an icon at the top, so I can access Feedly easily. 
5. Easy to Organize
Even within the layout I chose, I can organize my subscriptions easily. I can read all the blog entries from one day from different blogs or all the entries from one blog over the past several days-whatever I feel!

I can also mark blogs as favorites and they will be the first to appear in my feed when they update. I can organize blogs into categories too.

Also, I can save blog entries to go back to later.

Seriously, have I mentioned I love Feedly?

Delightful Blog Reading,

*Opinions are 100 percent mine. I received no compensation from Feedly. I chose to write about Feedly simply because I use it and love it. 

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  1. So glad that you wrote this recently! When I just logged into google reader and it said "Google reader will be closing after July 2013" and about had a stroke, I thought- "what was that reader April recently said she liked?" You had me sold with "it links straight to google reader." Thanks for sharing!!!


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