Friday, January 4, 2013

Delightful Friday Finds: 15 Organization Products I Love

In the spirit of the organization love-fest my culture has with the New Year, here are some of my favorite organization products.* Most of these are new arrivals.

I love the vintage look!
Label your spices-and other items.
Need to tweak a recipe and want to remember the changes? These sticky notes are a great solution!
Cute way to keep that ever-changing kid artwork neat and on display.

Love this vintage-looking way to store files, magazines, etc.
These nifty gadgets keep your boots standing upright, so you can store them on a shelf or keep them standing in your closet. I need these-mine are always falling over.
Keep your scarves contained!
I love this because I am notorious for splashing water all over the floor.

Store and label-easy to change and cute!
Why not write notes to yourself in cuteness? Plus, I just love NYC.
Again, why not organize your calendar in cuteness?
I like this because I never have any room on my desk for stuff.

It has a nifty pocket for notebooks, pens, etc-perfect for a desk top or side table!
Man, what I wouldn't have given for one of these in high school.
The nifty bowl is collapsible for easy storing.

Delightful Organizing,

* All opinions are mine-I am not compensated by any of these companies.

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