Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday 12/5 and Pics from Our Family Photo Shoot

It's time for another week of What I Wore Wednesday with Lindsey from The Pleated Poppy!

 I'll start with yesterday's outfit. It was 70 degrees ya'll. 70 DEGREES. On December 4. While most people call that glorious, I was a little miffed. OK, I enjoyed it, but I do like cold weather.

Since it felt like Spring, I dressed like Spring.

This was an experimental outfit-me trying to think outside my normal clothes box-and I loved it!

Top and Cardigan-H&M

I hope it's OK to keep wearing this orange cardi past Fall because I love it.

Of, course, the jean jacket is making an appearance!

Top-Charlotte Russe (before they sold hooker clothes hehe)

Normally, I show you pics of what my cutie pie wore because she grows so fast, I like to document them! Last week, we had photos taken for her 9 month pictures (man, has it flown!) so I want to show you some of those photos.

Here are the raw edits. All photos were taken by  Kevin Carden, who is an amazing and affordable photographer, so if you live in NC, check him out! I will show you his amazing edits in a later post-he got some fabulous shots of C playing with Christmas lights.

Full Body Shot (So you can see what we wore-haha)
Me: Top-Maurices
Cardigan-Bass Outlet
Jeans-Old Navy

My Husband: I have no idea

Cutie Pie: I love this dress! Her entire outfit came from Zulily, so I don't remember the actual brands. Here she is in it close-up.

My Little Fashionista In Training-Look how excited she is about my necklace.

Cupcake's Christmas Ensemble from Gymboree
Her pretty hair bow was made by my friend Larissa.

OK, so I MAY have a tiny obsession with babies in puffer vests.

It was 67 degrees out, but we pretended that it's cold in NC in the Fall.

I just thought this was funny-she fell over and lost her shoe. Didn't phase her.

So thankful for my two loves!

Thanks for stopping by and happy dressing!

pleated poppy

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  1. What great outfits, I especially like that striped skirt and what you wore in your family pictures. Very pretty and girly!


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