Saturday, December 1, 2012

Friday Finds: Narwhal Love

 I love narwhals. I don't know what it is about those weird little creatures, but they are so weird looking, they're cute.

I've discovered that it's not so weird to have a love for narwhals-they have sort of a cult following, especially on Etsy.

Let me explain my narwhal journey. Not too long ago, I thought narwhals were mythical creatures. Yes, I was one of those. I never heard of them until I saw some weird thing about narwhals vs. unicorns, so naturally, I thought narwhals were made up too.

A few year ago, I saw a display for narwhals at the Natural History Museum in New York. Oh....except that it was in the Prehistoric Animal section. So, I then assumed narwhals were extinct. Wrong again.

I one day mentioned extinct narwhals to my husband. "They're not extinct," he exclaimed. "Oh yes they are!" I argued back. "Google narwhals, April." he challenged. So I did. And this is what I found.

They are very much real and alive. 

And weirdly cute.

Here are my some of my favorite cute narwhal items! They're everywhere! Who knew?

Narwhals On Your Whal
(hehe I'm so punny)

1-Who knew narwhals could knit? 

4-The only thing that makes a narwhal cooler is a narwhal playing a banjo!

Narwhals On Your Baby


Not gonna lie, I want all of these for little C.

Narwhals on Your Desk

It would make me happy to receive this in the mail.

This would also make me happy.

Narwhals on Your Neck and Ears

Narwhals on Your Back

1-Why, yes they are are! From Zazzle

2-Cute narwhal on my favorite color. From Cafe Press

3-Elf T-shirt from 80sTees

4-Nerd narwhal? Hipster narwhal? Who cares-it's adorbs. From Zazzle

Narwhals on Your Bed

I seriously want to get this for Cupcake!

Narwhals Everywhere!

(I can't believe these exist. Oh yes, I can)

And check out these cute Christmas stamps from Zazzle! (They sell them on an actual US postage stamp)

Have a Delightful Whale of a Day!

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  1. Hey there! I recently came across this post and wanted to thank you for including my handmade clay narwhal necklace!! I've made 3 so far and people just love them!! I really appreciate the support and you have an adorable blog! Thanks!


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