Monday, November 19, 2012

The Mouse and The Motorcycle by Beverly Clearly {Delightfully Bookwormish}

School Library Journal's Top 100 Children's Novels #89

Genre: Juvenile Fiction (Ages 6 and Up, appropriate read-aloud for  year olds)

The Recipe: Ralph S. Mouse is an adventure-loving vermin who finds a beautiful bright motorcycle and gives in to his overwhelming desire to try it out-only to find himself at the bottom of a waste paper basket and at the beginning of an exciting new adventure and friendship.

The Frosting and Sprinkles: I loved Ralph when I was a kid. I had a weird love for mice, so I had about 100 books in my mouse repertoire.

I still enjoy this book as an adult, in all it's ridiculousness. It's about a mouse-on a motorcycle ya'll-with a nut shell helmet. How can you not be tickled?

Beverly Clearly is a great story-teller. That she manages to make the escapades of a hotel vermin interesting is proof. That she makes said hotel vermin adorable is further proof. (But then again, this is coming from the girl who finds enjoyments in observing the rats in the NYC subway, so...)

It's  a cute, fun, and sweet story of friendship and compassion that kids of all ages can love and learn from. 

The Hair That Fell Into the Batter: None-but if Anne was there, Ralph might have ended up in the batter. Yikes! (10 awesome points to those who get that reference)

My Rating: 

 4 Out of 5 Cupcakes!
(I really liked it)

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