Friday, November 9, 2012

Delightful Friday Finds: Lovely Christmas Decor

I've decided to start something new on  my blog because I am a weirdo who LOVES change (no change and I get bored). Every Friday, I am going to try to post a "Friday Finds" post where I share some wonderful things I've found-they can be deals, clothes, decor, tips, music-basically whatever I feel like sharing with ya'll.

Why am I adding this? I get really excited about things I enjoy and I like to tell people about them. I've been thinking for a while about how I could add this to my blog, since my blog is about things that delight me-and it would take no extra work because these are things I've already discovered.

 I was talking to some friends earlier this week about some things I discovered and they asked me incredulously, "Why have you not told us about this before?" Well, I never thought to randomly bring it up. So, here I will randomly be bringing them up!

So, onto my first Friday Finds: Christmas Decorations for 2012 that can be found in stores (or online). I love these-enjoy!

Pier 1

World Market Holiday Linens

World Market Ornaments

(The Dutch girl in me loves these!)

Fair Isle is the trend this season! I am thinking of getting this one for little C.
Thank you, Target.

And here are some items from Consumer Crafts that I would love to add to and make even cuter!


Delightful Christmas Preparations (but don't skip Thanksgiving!),


*I am sharing these items because I like them. I received no compensation from included companies.

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