Friday, October 19, 2012

My Father's Dragon by Ruth Stiles Gannett (Delightfully Bookwormish}

 The School Library Journal's Top 100 Children's Novels #49

Genre: Children's Fiction (Ages 6 and up-appropriate read-aloud for 4 and up); Fantasy  

The Recipe: When Elmer finds a baby dragon and hears of his woes, he travels to Wild Island to help rescue the baby dragon from the other animals who enslave him.

The Frosting and Sprinkles: This is a cute and very short book about talking animals, so younger kids LOVE it. It is cleverly written with elements that will surprise children and have them laughing out loud.

It Contains fun and imaginative illustrations. I think it is a great first read-aloud chapter book for kids.

It contains positive themes such as helping others in trouble, compassion, and out-smarting your enemies with clever thinking.

The Hair That Fell Into the Batter: It's a fun book for kids, but a tad redundant and predictable for adults. But, it's really short, so it's not unbearable.
My Rating: 

 3 Out 5 Cupcakes!
(I liked it)


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