Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hipster Family Costumes {Delightfully Creative}

Have I mentioned that I LOVE wearing costumes? That was rhetorical. Anyway, I've also mentioned that my husband and I work for a Christian college campus ministry. Every year, we host a Fall Retreat and every year there is a themed dance. 

This year's theme was Hipsters and Hippies. We decided to go the hipster route. So, we scrounged up some stuff we already owned + bought some cheap stuff (e.g dollar store glasses) and hipsterfied ourselves.

Now that I have a child I can subject the poor little lass to my costume love. She was clearly the star, so I will showcase her first:

Hipster=plaid shirt, hipster glasses
(Thanks Michelle for the photo)

The Whole Hipster Fam:

I am kind of scared of how well my husband pulled off hipster.

And yes, those ARE baby jeggings!

 We attempted the fake mustache, but little C kept trying to eat it.

Hipster Baby and Hipster Mama.

 Little C ironically eating a dinosaur.

Ya'll I seriously started blogging before blogging was cool-like when there was only LiveJournal.

And for the Grand Finale, here is a link to a hilarious series on "How To Be a Hipster." (It's short and illustrated) Enjoy!
Part 1-How To Dress
Part 2-Hipster Interests
Part 3-Lifestyle

Delightful Hipster For a Day,

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  1. This is adorable. My daughter is into the mustache fun!! I'm following your page now. Follow me to at www.sewsweetvintage.com And hit me with a facebook like to my fb box there if you have a minute:) I posted lacey ghost pumpkin to this party.

  2. Where did you find baby Hipster glasses?

    1. The Dollar store-I actually picked the smallest reading glasses I could find and they worked perfectly.


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