Friday, July 27, 2012

Solutions for Small Spaces {Delightfully Nesting}

My husband and I live in a two-bedroom condo. Until about a month ago, we lived in a downtown apartment that was less than 1,000 square feet.

We need to make the most of our space. Here are some solutions we use to do just that.

 The Corner Shelf
If I ever own a shop, this is what I'm calling it! I love corner shelves. They seem impractical, but really, they fit in spaces where nothing else works.

Like this random space we had in our old apartment.

They can be decorative or make extra storage space.

Dual-Purpose Furniture
The best advice I ever received for living in a small space was to buy furniture that serves more than one purpose.

We have several pieces that do this!

Bench/Storage Space

We added baskets to the bottom of our bench to add more storage space.

 Our Ottoman (from Ikea) also serves as a storage space for blankets. We also set things on top of it-not going to lie.

Our coffee table and end tables are all multi-tiered,s o we can neatly store things.


Our TV stand is probably my favorite piece of furniture-not just because it is red, but because it serves so many purposes. I love all the different sections for decoration and storage. We added the baskets to the bottom shelves to store video games and other things. 

Delightful Decorating and Organizing Small Spaces!

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