Monday, July 9, 2012

The Borrowers by Mary Norton {Delightfully Bookwormish}

Title: The Borrowers
Author: Mary Norton
Genre: Children's Fiction (Ages 7 and Up)

The Recipe: Homily, Pod and their daughter Arrietty are tiny people who live under the kitchen floor. They furnish their home and survive off items "borrowed" from the humans who live above. All is peaceful until Pod is seen borrowing by a human boy.

The Frosting and Sprinkles: Funny, I remember reading this when I was a child, but I could not remember anything about it for the life of me.

The plot is an interesting concept, but Norton fails to execute it well (see below).

Arrietty is the most likeable of the characters. She is adventurous, smart, pleasant, and challenges tradition.

The Hair That Fell Into the Batter: The plot moves very slowly. In short, this book is incredibly boring. Half-way into the book, there was still no conflict and no plot beginning. The climax was "meh," which means not very exciting.

All of the characters, but Arrietty, are incredibly annoying. I guess that's why the newest movie based on The Borrowers is named after her.

My Rating:
1 Out of 5 Cupcakes
(Didn't Like It)

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