Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My Downtown Apartment: Kitchen and Bathrooms

Before the chaos of moving, I shared the Living and Dining Areas of my downtown apartment as Jeff and I were saying goodby to our first home together. We are now moved out of the old and into our new place.

I was sad to leave downtown. I will miss walking Claire around our hip little neighborhood. I will miss being able to walk to all the downtown events and places to eat. I will miss the sound of the train whizzing (or sometimes chugging) by our windows.

I am so thankful for our new place, though. We were really blessed with a cheaper AND bigger place that is just as nice as our old apartment. And yes, we are in our 30s and still rent and still live in an apartment (well, a condo now). We are so counter-cultural. :-) 

But seriously, though I will miss our old place, I am thankful now for things like carpet (though I loved our old floors-just not kid friendly), space (Claire's nursery no longer doubles as a storage unit), being able to run all my errands at once (everything is 5 minutes away), and nature existing outside my window. And I can still faintly hear the train's whistle.

So, goodbye old apartment!

Here is what my kitchen and bathrooms USED to look like. 


 Here's the view from the dining area. I loved our little island (we have one again-yea!) and that we could put random decor on the top of the cupboards-and random it was. 

My trivets doubled as wall-decor.

 Guest Bathroom
Don't laugh, but this was seriously one of my favorite rooms. I think it was the bright colors.

 As much of a view as I could get from the doorway. 
I loved the stone tiles around the mirror.

I was so excited to find this towel at World Market because the stripes match my shower curtain, which  I bought at Bed, Bath, and Beyond about five years ago. I wasn't sure, at first, about how the bright colors would mix with the stained concrete floors and tiles, but I like how it contrasted. When my niece came to visit (at age 6) she exclaimed, "Oh, I like your bathroom!" Ha.

We put art in the bathroom. It just went so well with the colors! These are some of my favorite too-I bought them in China and they are paintings of the four seasons. It was quite appropriate because I changed out the towels below for each season.

I love my little green wire bath tub. I found it at the Longaberger Homestead in Dresden, Ohio when I went with my mom. I used it to hold wash cloths. 

Here's a close-up of the sink (with my reflection-heyo!)
We had copper sinks. They looked nice, but were a pain in the butt to clean!

Master Bathroom
The master had pretty much the same set-up, but it was impossible to take  a picture of the whole thing. So, here is basically our color scheme (and shower curtain from Bed, Bath and Beyond).
And my matching towels. :-) This bathroom was more functional than decorative.

Hope you enjoyed my little tour! Perhaps when I one day get completely unpacked, I will give a tour of our new place.

Delightfully Nesting,

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