Monday, June 18, 2012

Creative Organizing: New Uses for Old Things {Delighfully Nesting}

I am a world-class purger. I blame/credit it on being an Air Force brat. My husband, on the other hand, bless his soul, has about 40 t-shirts he's holding onto. It's a constant battle in our marriage. 

During our recent move, I lost the Battle of the Unopened Puzzle, but I won the Battle of the Notebooks Filled With Notes from Every Conference We've Ever Been To in the Past 10 Years.

Well, my husband should be proud of me. Instead of getting rid of some stuff in our house, I re-purposed it for organizational purposes. Here are some of my ideas.

Cooling Racks as Cutting Board and Lid Divider

 I HAD this constant problem of stacked and falling lids and cutting boards. I also had these cooling racks for the dozens of cookies I never bake. So, I put the two together and created a solution. Now I am happier during food prep and storage times. 

Planter as a Bathroom Basket

 I've never used this little planter, but I could never bring myself to get rid of it. I finally found  a place for it-in the guest bathroom! It makes a perfect little basket to hold items that guests might need.

Trash Can as Umbrella/Shopping Bag Holder

 When Jeff and I married 2 years ago and consolidated all our stuff, I lost the Battle of the Extra Trash Can. So, I had to figure out something to do with it. It reigned in entry-way craziness by holding umbrellas and re-usable shopping bags. It doesn't fit in our new entry way, but still serves the same purpose inside the closet. 

Lesson  learned-before giving something away, it's much more fun to try to think of a different creative use for it. If there is none, donate that sucka!

Delightful Nesting,

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  1. All great ideas! Love the planter especially. I took a plastic flower pot and plopped an extra roll of tp in it in my bathroom, sat it on the back of the toilet, then put a bouquet of silk flowers in it...looks pretty and have extra storage! :)

  2. Love your ideas! I actually have that same planter with a half dead plant in it! Might be time for a new use!


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