Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Reading Challenge is Changing!

I know I said I was taking a break. :-) I am, but I just wanted to mention this real quick to anyone who might be interested. Remember how forever-ago I said I was going to read through School Library Journal's List of Top 100 Children's Novels? Well, I was currently going my way through it. And now, they are redoing the list-ah!

They put new criteria to the poll so that the list is more up-to-date (and not your 75 year old grandma's favorite children's book-though many classics made the list) and not overflowing with books from the same series (the last list contained nearly all of the Harry Potter and Percy Jackson books).

So, I am just going to start over with the new list, which isn't a total re-haul as many of the same books will make it on the new list. Elizabeth Bird at A Fuse 8 Production (An SLJ blog) began posting the results today-go check them out! I will post the whole list when it is complete.

She's also posting a list of Top 100 Picture Books for Children, so if you're looking for some excellent gift ideas or stories to read to the kiddies, check by her blog later for that list!

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