Sunday, February 12, 2012

Delights of the Week

The following are some of my favorite projects by other bloggers that I saw this past week. Please click links for details and tutorials!

This week's Delights have no theme, but they are all great. I am amazed by all the creativity out there!
Rubber Door Mat Wall Art from Salvage Dior

 Instead of spending big money on vintage iron wall decor, Kate made a look-alike with rubber mats from the Dollar Store and spray paint. I love how amazing this looks-you can't even tell they are rubber!

Love Where You Live Hoop from Gwenny Penny

 There's lots of state love art out there, but Gwen put her own creative spin on it with fabric and embroidery and I love it! She actually made this one as a wedding gift. 

Changeable Ruffle Skirt from Sew Fantastic

 I am in love with this toddler skirt! As if the cuteness wasn't enough, the top wrap is removable, so it is multiple cute skirts in one! 
Am I too old for one of these??

Yummy Recipe of the Week:
 Raspberry White Chocolate Muffins from Kadydid Designs 

 Yum! Click on the link for recipe!

Awesome Free Printable of the Week:
Cute Printable Valentines from Amy Is the Party
Need some last minute Valentines? Just print these cuties! Click on link above to download.

Keep on Creating and Inspiring!


  1. That toddler skirt is fantastic! I want one for me!

  2. Dear April,
    Thank you for featuring me in you Delights of the WEEK post. There are so many wonderful and amazing women I am so thankful to be included with them. Beautiful blog that you have I have added you on to my blog roll. I look forward to sharing with you along the way.

    Warm Regards
    Kate @ Salvage Dior

  3. Great choices! And so exciting that you're due so soon!



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