Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday: 34 Weeks Pregnant

It's time for another week of What I Wore Wednesday with Lyndsay from The Pleated Poppy!

pleated poppy

I went a little scarf crazy last week because it was actually cold enough to wear scarves!! Yea!! So, here I am at 34 Weeks Pregnant.
It was an overcast day, so my pics are a little blurry. :-(

Here's two pictures, so you can see my hat, though it is blurry. It's been a while since I wore a hat (because it is has been hot this Winter), so I was itching to wear one!

Dress- Forever 21 a long time ago (not maternity-I'm probably ruining it :-))

Cardigan-Target (not maternity)

Leggings-Target (not maternity-I didn't buy any maternity leggings because they are ridiculously over priced. I just bought leggings a size or two bigger than my normal size and it worked!)

Boots-Target-I love these and am so glad I can still prop my leg up and zip them up!

hat-somewhere in NYC-I can't remember. 

I did a little color play today and tried aqua with navy and grey-I liked it.

Grey T-shirt: I think it's from Charlotte Russe-it's one of the non-maternity things I can get away with wearing. Plus, it was covered up, so if it rode up a little, no one could tell!

Wrap-Shirt: It's from Gap Maternity, but my friend Jessica let me lent it to me

Scarf: Walmart, believe it or not! I have a like/hate relationship with Walmart.
Jeans-Motherhood Maternity

Shoes: Maurices


grey t-shirt: The Loft (not maternity, but it is larger than I normally wear)

Cardigan:Target (not maternity)

Scarf:Gifted to me

Jeans:Motherhood Maternity

Shoes: Uh, even I can't see them very well, but I think they are my grey flats from Charlotte Russe. That would make sense.


I sadly didn't get a photo of my adorable new purple flats I bought on clearance, but I'll save them for another week because I will be wearing them as much as possible!

Here is me and my mom at my first baby shower! Uh, mom, hope you don't mind me posting a picture of you.

Top: Target (Liz Lange Maternity)

Sweater: Maurices (not maternity)

Jeans: Motherhood Maternity

Necklace: Forever 21

Yeah,  skipped Sunday and Monday.

Sweater: Target (I think it's Liz Lange-another fabulous loan from my friend Jessica)


My beloved red flats: Dilliards

And that's all for this week! I do want to take a moment to point you to another fun fashion blog that encourages participation. Kayla at My Greatest Hits is currently doing an ABC fashion Challenge. Each day has a different theme (she lets you know what it is the day before and sometimes a few days before) and you can post your outfit that goes with that theme. She's only on C, so go check it out! 

I'm going to try to participate in this some days, so you may see some random outfit posts along with my normal post for the day!

Delightful Dressing,


  1. i love the yellow sweater on you! super cute outfits - i know it can be so hard to get dressed when you're pregnant - good for you for doing it so well!

  2. OMGosh you are just the cutest!!!

    New follower fomr The Pleated Poppy


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